The Knights of Voldemort

COMEPLETED: Willow Grayfields wants nothing more than to have a great 1st year at Hogwarts. Then she meets Harry Potter. And everything changes. Things are disappearing, people are disappearing. Can Willow, Lucy, Dean and Harry figure this mystery out? Or will Hogwarts be closed forever?


1. The Platform

I trudge through the walkways of Kings Cross Station, a toad on my cart, a platform 9 and 3 quarters ticket in my hand and newly bought spell books in my trunk. I am Willow Grayfield, 1st year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Many other trains wiz by but I keep my head facing forward, determined to get a good seat on the train.   

"It leaves at 11 o'clock sharp," my mum says checking her watch then leading me by the arm to the wall between platforms 9 and 10, "You go first sweetheart."

  I stare at the wall, "That definitely looks solid." I mumble under my breath. But I run forward anyway because, unlike others, I know that when I reach the wall, I will pass right through it. I hear my mother enter the platform behind me, yet my eyes are elsewhere. On the other end of the train, talking with a red headed family, is the real Harry Potter! I begin walking over to introduce my self until Lucy pops up in front of me, followed by Dean, blocking my path. Lucy and Dean Thomas are my next door neighbors and my best friends. Our parents have known each other since they went to Hogwarts so our families have been great friends for as long as I can remember.   

"How does it feel to be an official witch?" Lucy asked excitedly  

"Ok so far..." I replied, distracted by trying looking over Lucy's shoulder to try and get another glimpse of Harry.  

"Just okay? Chocolate frogs are 'okay'. This is the experience of a lifetime! We have magical powers and the only adjective you can think of is okay?"  

I stand on my tiptoes only to see Harry get in side the train with one of the red head kids. "Well," I replied, exasperated, "I was going to talk to someone"  

"Really? Who?" Lucy turned around to look through the masses of people,   like she knew exactly who I was trying to find.  

"No one, never mind." I walked back over to my mum who was having a light conversation with Mrs. Thomas.  

With the last hugs and kisses until Christmas break and a stern talking to about keeping Speckle (my toad) safe, I bid my mother goodbye and boarded the train with Lucy and Dean right behind me. When we found an empty compartment near the prefect carriage, I seated myself on the velvet couches, rested my head against the window and watched England zoom by, drifting off into a dream-filled sleep.


Authors Note: If you would like to hear more of Willow's Story please like or comment! Thanks! - Pottergirl3356

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