Hero of War

For many years Infergo have been the general of the Fire army, leading the kingdom of fire dragons toward victory against their sworn enemies, the Ice dragons.
In the middle of the battlefield, Infergo is hit unconscious and slowly drifts into a longlasting coma.

5 years later he slowly regain his consciousness, but it's a changed world he wakes up to, where the war is past and peace between fire and ice is the present. The question is if Infergo can adapt this new world, or his hatred toward the ice dragons will lead to his end.


1. Prologue

The most important rule on the battlefield is, that you must never feel superior to anyone as it might bring your guards down.

-  General Infergo of the Fire Army





“Filthy creature.” He muttered, as he let go of the dying dragon and turned his back on the fallen enemy.  “May you find a better fate in afterlife.”

     He looked up to the starry night sky. There was something calming about it. It brought pleasure, yet deep prohibitive sadness, like a silent cry from his friends and foes that had fallen in battle.

     He snapped out of his thoughts, as another sapphire blue dragon scrambled toward him. He flexed his muscles and leaned forward, ready to strike as the enemy dragon reached him. They both collided in a mass of teeth and claws. He felt teeth sinking into his tail but paid no mind to the pain. It was a thing you had to ignore in the heat of battle. The nurses would take care of injuries when they returned to the camp.

He kicked at the dragon with his haunches, forcing it to release its hold on his tail, which he then swung vigorously across the enemy dragon’s shoulder to knock it off balance. As the ice dragon’s foothold became unstable, the fight was already determined. He turned around and locked his jaws around the still baffled dragon’s neck and bit down. He felt the spine-chilling crackling as he crushed the throat and the dragon’s helpless wiggling slowly died out. Painfully long seconds later, its eyes starred soullessly up into the night sky.


Yet another enemy gone, he though as he released the grasp and looked down at the lifeless body at his paws. Yet another life was lost, a step further toward victory, but a step backwards, away from peace.

     “Your path ends here. May you find a greater cause in your afterlife.” He muttered before he once again raised his eyes toward the sky; waiting till yet another enemy would see his faked inattention as an easy chance to bring him down. As soon as someone though they had the upper hand, they would reveal their own weak spots, and that was what he was waiting for.


They had been fighting in this great valley the past days, only returning to camp to get larger injuries treated or rest before they would be needed on the battlefield again. Any plants and trees in the area had either been burned down or frozen to death as the battle between fire and ice unfolded. Infergo himself was standing in the middle of the field with both fire and ice dragons fighting around him, but not many ice dragons dared challenge him. Sometimes, Infergo even felt bored. Bored because no one would challenge the mighty General of The Fire Army. And because the ones that did was no match for him.


The alarming sound of a terrifying roar shot through the sky and caught his attention. Right there, no more than twenty meters away, stood Glacior, the general of the ice dragons. He felt a muffled growl rumble in his chest, as his own golden eyes met white. He released a roar, announcing that he accepted Glacior’s challenge.

     Both dragons shot toward each other, anger and pure hatred revealed in their eyes. As they reached each other, he soon discovered that Glacior was nothing alike the other dragons he had fought throughout the whole night and the past days. He had not met any like this throughout his entire career. Glacior was a challenge. Something he had longed for through years after years on the battlefield, but he could win this. He had to. This one victory could settle the whole war! This one death could save a thousand lives!

     He aimed for the neck, but Glacior simply pulled out of reach. As his strike failed, he felt his foothold loosen and became unstable.

     He had done what he warned his subordinates about over and over again. Never lose focus. Never feel superior toward your enemy. This is when you will lose.

     His excitement for the upcoming battle had wiped away all logics from his brain, and now he would pay the price.

     The next thing he saw was Glacior’s tail swiping toward his face.


Then everything became dark.

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