Love Story 1D Fanfic Niall Horan/Louis Tomlinson

Hi my name is Alexis Mahone. My brothers name is Austin Mahone (Not Famous). I am from London,England. I am moving to Mullingar.

This is not a copy I was ElleHoran and i dont remeber my password so i made this account.


1. Leaving

                                                     Alexis P.O.V

           "Alexis,hurry up! the limo is here," Mum Yelled from downstairs. I took a final glance at my room. Empty purple walls and the hardwood floor. Not a single poster on the wall. I grabbed my phone and my IPod from of the floor, "Goodbye, London..."


I ran downstairs and looked at my Mum and my brother. I smiled, "I'm ready." They loaded up into the limo, and saw my best friend, Ellie. She was already freaking out. Why was she freaking out? Oh,well,let's just say, she's moving with us to Mullingar,Ireland.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. Hello my name is Alexis Mahone. my brothers name is Austin Mahone. I am from London,England. I am moving to Mullingar because of two reasons. The first is because i got bullied. The second reason is because of my Mum. I am a singer. I got bullied because people said i wasn't a good singer, and told me i was ugly and stupid. Not that I believed them,it's just that i am insecure. I am a Directioner. I fancy Niall and Ellie fancies Louis but every time i say his name she tenses up i have no clue why. I am left handed and so is Ellie. My birthday is in August, like Liam's. I am going to turn 19 in December. Ellie is going to turn 19 in September.


I smiled, "Hey Ellie!!" She smiled, "Hey!" Austin looked at her, "Hey." She smiled "Hi." Mum sat in the front seat beside the driver. I looked down at my IPod and plugged it into the speaker. I looked at Ellie, "One Direction?" She smiled, "Oh,yes!" I turned on Kiss You Austin Rolled his eyes and looked down at his phone. He was texting Alex. I smiled and sang along. It's going to be fun going and moving to Mullingar


__Authors Note__ 

Hope you enjoyed ~Penguin




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