Who's A

we are in season 6 of Pretty Little Liars and still dont know who A is it can be anyone from this point r on so ope you enjoy


1. A is Aria

A can anyone as of this point it can a stranger ( lets be foreal now ) every PLL cast has done something that related back to A , Marlene tweeted something that related to something related to Aria and it was about an outfit and related back to A ( Sorry I couldnt find the tweet ) out of everyone there are more Aria theories I spent a hole weekend watching therories of each memeber bu the one thtat kept having me in shock we the Arias one she has a thing for dolls  umm A is obsossed with dolls , Aria has things for pigs and guss who else does yep its A in Wildons trunk what did we find we found a pig I dont if you realize this but when Aria starts to get in to certain stuff ( dolls ,pigs,typewriters, photography ) Somehow A like mimicks her or when she told her mom '' Im A it stands for Anoyoumus '' and even when  Mona  went up to her she said 'Hey big A ''  like these clues can mean something if she is not A sh csn be UBER A  clues lead up  Aria and Ezra were on this on it the type writer well like umm they can be faking it for everything to not make them lead suspects which in my opinon its a pretty smart  if you go one the hashtags on ig theres a pic of her sending a message and at the same they recive an A message there are multiple theories about this omg I ope you enjoy ok ttyl  I WILL UPDAtE every other day for sure

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