Liars and Terminators

A story in which Loki comes across a motorcycle then turns it into a dog and takes it to a dog park. Turns out the motorcycle belongs to T-800 Aka Uncle Bob. It is then he has a confrontation that T-800 'requests' for the return of it's ride. Loki gives the ride back after a promising threat made by the T-800. But no, that is not where our story ends. You see this is where we make a story of our own set in a Alternate Universe. This is where Knight Tackdottir enters. This is where Liars and Terminators either do not get along or work together. Crossover of: Thor and Terminator.


1. Motorcycle

One day Loki grew bored. Being bored is perhaps one of the most dangerous things a god can do, especially when being the god of mischief. Loki arrives outside a biker's bar where there is rows of motorcycles parked outside near a ramp. Loki walks along the sidewalk gazing at the motorcycles. His light pace the overall silence is quite scary knowing what he is capable of. The idea forming in his head sounds brilliant by the passing time. Loki came to a stop at the last motorcycle across from the door.

"That will do," Loki said, staring down at the motorcycle.

Loki snaps his fingers.

The motorcycle turns into a husky with a saddle that has a gun sheath to the side and a leash too attached to a collar around the furry dog's neck. The husky wears a bright pink collar with a dog tag reading 'my big BS'.

"Sit  down," Loki said.

The husky sat down.

"Good boy," Loki said, handing a treat to the dog.

Loki picks up the leash as he did so.

"Woah, did you just turn a motorcycle into a dog?" A young woman asks.

Loki looks over his shoulder seeing a teenage woman leaning against  a wooden stake holding a bottle in her hands and her eyes half way open. She is drunk. Drunk,drunk,drunk. Loki can smell the liquor off her lips.  Loki made another gesture to the husky which lead to the husky standing up on all four feet.

"No," Loki lied. "Of course not. You are a intoxicated mortal...Your brain cells are scrambling to make sense of my ride."

The teenage girl frowns.

"I am no pig," The teenage girl said.

"I dare not call a woman a pig," Loki said. "That is offensive, now if you excuse me, I must go to the dog park."

Loki vanishes into the night.

"Pig," The teenager said, falling to her side.

Out of the door came a man in a motorcyclist jacket that matched pants and shirt. The man picks up the teenager  then puts her on a stool leaning against the doorway. He looks up seeing there is a missing motorcycle. The keys to the specific motorcycle has somehow 'disappeared' into thin air. We see through his eyes that a file comes up on a red screen.

Motorcycle: stolen.

Thief: unknown.

"Where is the motorcycle?" The man asks.

"The snob stole it," The Teenager said.

"Who is the snob?" The man asks.

"Prince Dracula guy," The teenager said, with a sniffle. "He called me a pig."

"How did he take the motorcycle?" The man asks.

"He turned a motorcycle into a dog," The teenager said. "Something about the dog park."

The door opens, again, this time with the store owner.

"You don't steal a man's wheels," The store owner said.

The man goes over to the Store owner without fear in his eyes. The man takes the shot gun out of the store owner's hands then takes the dark sunglasses out of the store owner's breast pocket. The man puts on the dark sunglasses and turns away.

"Who the hell is he?"  The store owner said, as the man walks along the sidewalk quickly walking.

"I dunno," The teenager said,drawing the store owner's attention. "Motorcyclist badass in training, maybe."

The store owner stares at the woman.

"Tell me you are not fifteen," The store owner said.

"I am," The teenager said, with a hiccup.

The store owner bit his lip frowning.

"...Damn it," The store owner said.

This motorcyclist is T-800.

The year is 1995.

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