New movella

Different stories with different names, none of these stories are real, so don't worry ~


1. Thoughts

I was sitting on the chair beside the window.

Journal in hand, ideas that were mind boggling entered my mind. My thoughts were abused by things that don't matter.

While thinking, my little sister came in, Liana was her name. I, Kenzi, was startled when she walked in. Her tiny little porcelain face was red, tears were pouring out from her emerald green eyes.

"Lia, what's wrong?"

I asked with questioning eyes.

"Oh, um... Mom found Cocoa dead.. He's still in the living room"

Cocoa was our sweet little chocolate lab. He had cancer for a while now.

I stood up and walked over to little Lia, I took her hand and lead her to the living room. Lia pointed at the dog. Cocoa's body wa sprawled across her dog bed, next to it was my mother. She was mourning the loss of Cocoa, tears sprung to my eyes, I kneeled down next to the bed. Tears were streaming down my eyes, like a waterfall pouring out. Just when I started crying, an idea popped in head. I stood up with wobbly feet, and got my journal and pen. I went back to the living room and kneeled down in front of the dead dog, I opened the leather bound notebook and started writing wobbly letters on the paper, this was Cocoa's backstory. All of the thoughts from before were erased from my head, like it never happened. After about an hour or so, I closed the journal.

Cocoa's Past

We found cocoa on the curb on the streets of tragedy, begging for food. We gladly took her and lead her to a vet, we found out she had cancer. So we formally adopted her, she was a fighter. Occasionally whimpering, but we knew she was okay. But on her last day on earth, we never knew. We ignored her, thinking she was fine. This day, is the day she has passed. She was a loyal dog, an absolute gem. A pristine soul, a lovely girl, dead. She will always be in our memory, rest in peace cocoa, you were the missing piece of our lives.


(P.S sorry if this is sad or weird!)

~ April

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