The Crooked Tree


1. Benched


Clara sat shivering by herself on the bench. She opened her lunch bag; she had a sandwich, with blue bread of course.She rolled her eyes and threw it on the ground in disgust.Birds flocked around it, as usual.She was nervous and worried. Her dad was coming to pick her up. Sure, he was a good father, he played with her and stuff, but he had a tendency to go a bit... crazy in public. At her meeting for the gifted test, he smacked the teacher in the head and knocked him out. He started saying that he was a mean old cyclops.Of course, her mom pulled him away from the room. 

He also had a tendency to overprotect her. He had double locking at the door, and always had to meet her friend's parents before they could go to the mall or birthday parties. As a result, people just stopped coming to visit her. This was fine to Clara, because she only needed her books and her laptop. She could sit in her room apartment for hours, just on her computer , sitting and googling things she didn't know. Her mom had high expectations for her.  

About fifteen minutes later, her dad pulled up in a blue Cadillac. She sat in the front seat with him. He smiled."Hi, Clara.Ready?" he said to her. " Ready as I'll ever be.They rushed off to the hospital to meet her new baby brother.

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