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I left the apartment and made my way to a local bar. So many things were running through my mind, I was guilty and disappointed. I did risk both of our lives, and Eleanor's mad so there's nothing positive about this situation except that we're alive. I ordered a beer and waited for it eager to feel the liquid down my throat. I started thinking about solutions to this multiple chaos. The music made it hard for me to focus and I tried to blank everyone and everything.

"Excuse me?" I shifted in my seat to see a well packed blonde biting her lip.


"You seem lonely... Can I sit here?" She pointed at the seat next to mine. Not thinking twice, I answered.

"Um, I, I'm waiting for a friend. Some other time maybe."

"Please come on, I'll stay with you while your friend shows up.." Her hand traced my arms. I flinched and I was completely lost in what to do. I heard footsteps coming my way and suddenly I didn't know what to expect, was another hooker coming my way?

"Harold!" Jimmy.

"Wassup dude it's been a while" I shook his hand before he sat next to me and I muttered a 'bye' to the girl before she walked away annoyed. I stared at her cute ass as she made her way to the dancing area.

"Is that your girl," he asked astonished. I slightly chuckled.

"No man,"

"So you think I can... Work something out?" He smiled

"Go for it" I laughed as he did too. He ordered a beer as I started drinking mine that had just been put in front of me.

"So what're you doing here, in a bar, I mean is been a while you ain't goin out" he was surprised.

"I'm busy man, work and all."

I didn't want to tell him about Eleanor just yet. Jimmy was a great guy but he thought Eleanor was a problem for me and she's thought the same about him. Their relation was definitely not superlative. He shook his head and laughed like what I was saying was shit.

"What?" I asked, my emotions were getting mixed with the alcohol.

"Nuttin.. Anyways I'm glad I saw you. We need to talk."

I didn't want to deal with more right now, I needed another type of drink and a clear mind.

"I don't want to talk Jim."

"Aight but it's a business you could be interested in, call me if you interested. You have till next week." I nodded at his suggestion. Once everything falls back into place with Eleanor, and the café I could give Jim a call.

I ordered more drinks until Jim ordered a round of shots for the both of us.

After an hour of that, we were both completely wasted. Fuck. I've never felt this way but I was in complete shock and I needed to escape somehow, this was the best way for now.


It's been about an hour and thirty minutes since Harry left the house. I wonder what he's up to, I feel like if anything bad happens to him right now it would be my fault for telling him to fuck off. That was absolutely disrespectful and as a soon to be bride, I owe my future husband maximum respect and time. Maybe I should give him a call, or send him a text but I was in complete disgust so I decided maybe time should heal it.

I sat there on the couch in silence, thinking everything through. I needed air. I was too worried about what Harry was doing and I tried to convince myself he wasn't... He wasn't drinking. He was an easy drinker, he could drink and not stop and feel as if it was okay. If Harry was drinking, it's possible that he might not even be coming home and that was scary. If he came home, that would make me heartbroken and terrified to be around him. He could be aggressive, sexually which also means he could be around women. My heart sank at the negative thoughts. I sighed.

At that same moment my phone buzzed signaling I received a text message, I jumped up the couch and bounced on my phone hoping Harry would reassure me of where he was and what he was doing. It was Norah, lord.

'I need you to take care of my daughter for tonight. I'll pick her up at 11 please be awake. I'm going out with my husband. The drivers on his way to your place.'

What the heck was her problem? I'm not a nurse. I don't know how to deal with some little girl and definitely not right now but her money kept me contributing to having Harry and I under a roof. All I needed to do was now wait for Harry and Norah's daughter. Today was definitely not a good day, not at all.

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