If the hammer fits

I'm the daughter of Thor, no biggie. I never see my dad or mom at all. Dad's an Avenger and Mom's off to win the Nobel Prize. I stay with my Uncle Loki all the time. One day changed everything for me. But if the hammer fits.


1. Say what?

People think that because I am the daughter of Thor that I have all his qualities. As if. My dad and I have nothing in common except for our hair color, eye color, and strength. I'm surprised I know that much. I haven't seen my dad since I was 4. I live with my Uncle Loki, his wife, and his daughter. My mom is always away doing something. My dad is an Avenger. Always saving the world.

          I'm 17 now and the only thing that has changed is the world around me. I antisocial do to having no parents there for me while growing up.

          "Thoresa!" Opps forgot to tell you my name. Oh well. Aunt Beth is calling.

         I ran downstairs and almost ran right into my cousin, Matilda.

          "Watch where you are going tramp." she said. She sorta hates me. I ran into the kitchen and screamed.







Sorry it's short. Cliffhanger! Why did Thoresa scream? OMG


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