Lilly and Hugo are going to their first year at Hogwarts but a mysterious teacher could lead to disaster...


1. The Hogwarts Express

I run along the platform dodging through the people their business is not mine. I'm looking Hugo, my cousin we are both beginning our first year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. My brothers James and Albus have been there at least two years (James has been there three.) As I look around I spy Victoria she waves to me, at last I find Hugo, aunt Hermione and uncle Ron. 'Weres rose' I ask 'already on the train' answers Hugo.  'If you've said goodbye then you'd better get on the train' Ron says with a grin ' and remember Hugo keep out of slytherin' 'I will if I can' says Hugo 'we all will' I add. At last we get on the train and find a compartment it is empty except for one girl, she turns round 'hello' she says 'I'm Jasmine longbottem, what are your names?' 'I'm Lilly and this is my cousin Hugo' I reply. The girl has wavy blond hair down to her waist and there is something familiar about her voice as though I've heard her before. 'You don't happen to be a lovegood by any chance' I ask 'well my mother was Luna lovegood' 'Luna?' I ask 'yes' Jasmine replays I say no more but sit down and think how many Luna Lovegoods could there be? Not many it was such an unusual name I must know Jasmine then, she is definitely a lovegood theirs no doubt about that I leave the matter in my head as I think of Hogwarts houses and which one I might be sorted into. My thoughts are interrupted by Hugo 'look we're almost there' He says 'what?' I look up with with a start Hugo starts laughing 'don't barge in to other people's worlds' Jasmine says to Hugo. I pull on my robes 'come on' I say 'put your robes on to.'














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