My One Direction Magic

Amelia was just an ordinary girl who just happened to be a directioner in London, England. She was 17 years old and about to head to her new school for her last year. She used to go to beauxbatons school for witches and now she is going to go to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. she has never met a wizard before because her old school was only for girls. She was going to miss her old school because the girls there were directioners too. There might be directioners at hogwarts but she doesn't know yet. Wait until she gets to hogwarts, she will have the time of her life.


1. Preview

Here at Hogwarts your house will be like your family. There is a house cup that you will want your house to win but it will not be easy. You must earn house points and to do that you must stand out in the good ways but standing out in the bad ways will make your house lose points. I will suggest you make friends in your house as i said before your house will be like your family. When with your house you must follow certain rules. you may also try out for a very popular game more commonly known as Quidditch. You can cheer for your house team during the games and after winning you may have a celebration party in your house dormitories. You must be sorted in your house to do so. You will be sorted in your house by the legendary sorting hat. After being sorted, you must sit with your house at your house table. After your first year at Hogwarts, you may sit at any house table on the second day to the second to last day at Hogwarts. May the sorting ceremony begin. But before we begin the ceremony, you must know about a special child who had no idea they were special until they were 17 and about to go to Hogwarts and meet someone they never knew was magical at all.


There name you ask?

Amelia Wright


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