My Sweet Diary

"I don't really think my life is the best. But I've been thinking, well why can't my life be a story?"


1. Wednesday, July 8

Dear Diary,

  This is my first diary. Well not exactly my first... more like my fourth. But in my other diaries I never get past day two. This time I will. I know if I just try I can do it. So please diary allow me to call you my first! 'cause you basically are. 


Now I will give you information that is 90% true. I'm not exactllying, I'm just changing names(my name too), places, and stuff like that. 


Name? Scarlett Marylin

Favorite colour? Definitely purple

Hair color? Strawberry blonde

Eyes? My eyes change between two colors: blue, green

Age? 15

Hobbies? Taekwondo, swimming, biking, running, writing, reading

Family: mom- Katherine, dad-Maxwell, Sister- Jose, Brother- Jimmy

Besties? I have so many friends, but my besties would be; Elizabeth Doll, Oriana Chase, Sofie Quwill, and Olena Boyder(very best friend is Olena).

Crushes? I have none right now. But the future is a mystery!


   Today has bee an interesting day! And I don't mean that in a good way. My day started with having a big breakfast. I had scrambled eggs, sausage, three pancakes, and a muffin. But I didn't eat the sausage. I didn't tell that I'm basically vegetarian. Anyway, my morning was great. 

    When the it was afternoon came around the 'interesting' thing happened. Like most afternoons I go out side to listen to music. Suddenly Jose ran up to me with her dog Dixie. "I think Seth is in our wood path," she said to me sounding a little confused. Then she handed me Dixie and ran. After minutes if waiting for her I started to yell her name, "Jose!" 

   Jose came back. She looked angry. She took Dixie and ran inside the house. What happened? I silently asked myself. I got my answer later in the day around 4:00PM. Dad went outside. I turn to Jose. (We are in my room) "what happened?" I ask her. 


"Seth, Casper, and Sara were playing hide-n-seek in our yard. I asked why were they in our yard and Tara (their grandmother) said that it is her yard. And they have 'no trespassing' signs up. Now dad's taking to them."


  At super mom told us to stay inside. Because Kathy hurt dad (I live with my grandfather). I was a little worried. And I found out dad called the police. But they haven't shown up. Not surprising since the neighbors always call the cops. The police men are probably not exsided to see us.  


Wish me luck diary!



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