Daniel is a seventeen year old high school student with more problems than he can handle- like bullies and teachers out to get him but its nothing compared to what he comes face to face on his eighteenth birthday. He is pretty sure having wings is NOT normal.

Daniel struggles to find out who he is and what happened to his father nine years ago when he is forced on a mission to find out the truth after his mother suddenly dies unexpectedly.

Can Daniel learn of his origins and track down his father for the questions that desperately need answers? Will he be able to stay alive long enough to get them?

He doubts it.


1. Prologue

The air is cool as it sweeps past people in the open streets- mixed with the wind and white snow makes it unbearable as it pelts their faces like icicles. Warm blood turns cold with the feel and, instinctively, coats get pulled closer to bodies seeking warmth but get only little.

There was one man, however, that walked along side those people- desperately shrinking from the snow falling over them- that did not mind the cold. For his thoughts were concerned with other things at hand. The temperature did not bother him in the least as he blindly continued forward, not knowing where he was, no destination in mind, only that he did feel numb and the cause for it was not the weather.

His body felt heavy and weighed more than usual as it threatened to pull him down any second. His breathing was harsh almost like he had ran a marathon and his chest was tight. There was no readable expression on his face as his eyes stayed glued ahead of him. He wore a frown. Whether it was from the ache in his heart or the defeat in his posture as he walked, he was not sure.

Damion Conner was never one to give up- call it quits and simply except such things. He was much to stubborn to back down from anything but as the night carried on in harsh conditions he started to question if maybe that was not the case. If somehow that was something he just told himself to cover up the true face behind the mask because this night proved him wrong. No matter how many times he thought of his choice being for the best it felt otherwise because while he did not give up on himself, he did on the people he cared most about. That was how it felt, to say.

His feet moved him in a direction he was not sure would lead him. All he knew was that he needed to leave and as fast and as far as he could get. In order to keep them safe. It was not a democracy of choice or was it to question. It was what had to be done. Right or wrong- it had to be done and even though it was the hardest decision he had ever made he also knew that, even though they would not understand, they would be happier- better off.

Each step forward was a step farther away from them and it was unbearable.

Damion closed his eyes but did not stop moving. He could still see their faces as he said his final goodbye in a way that did not show he was leaving; telling his wife and son that he loved them and embraced each of them. It,however, did raise a question from his wife.

“What’s wrong, Damion? Why the sudden show of affection?” She had asked him with a smile though there was confusion in her question.

He simply smiled back and replied, “Can I not just tell the love of my life that I love her and simply show it?”

She tilted her head to the side, taking in his answer but seemed to take his reply as the truth and stated, “Usually that involves a very large box of chocolates and a stem of roses.” Her grin grew wider.
Damion nodded and pulled her against him once more. “No amount of candy and flowers could show just how much you mean to me, Sarah.” His words were said gently but truthfully and his grip tightened.

He felt her arms tighten as well and no other words were said.

Then he left, assuring her that he would be back when truth was, he would never see them again or at least not for a very long time and it pained him.

He rounded a corner and walked into an abandoned ally way. It was empty all except for a man standing, leaned up against the wall.

Damion walked up to him cautiously. “I am ready.” He announced to the stranger, who looked up once he spoke.

“Did you say you’re fair wells.” He replied in a cold voice but Damion noticed the slight sympathy masking his question.

“Yes.” He answered looking anywhere but at the man.

“I am sorry but it is for the best. If you would have stayed, both would have met a tragic fate. It is because of what you are that you can not be apart of their world any longer. It is time we leave, Damion Conner.” The stranger was blunt and held out his hand.

Damion sighed deeply but nodded in agreement and hesitantly took the offered hand.

Be safe, was his final thought before the sound of wings flapped and a bright light flashed from the ally way, catching the attention of by passers. One, in which, out of curiosity glanced in the ally way that the light had came from only to see nothing there except black feathers as they fell to the ground.

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