Damn You Irwin


When I figure out a blurb I will put one here ��. But if you didn't know this used to be a book I had... But I did this thing where I deleted a ton so I could re write them. DAMN YOU IRWIN IS THE FIRST TO RETURN. Love you all! ����❤️
~Katie and KAT


1. chapter 1 ~ dirt bikes and necklaces

I fell back onto the blanket set up on the grass... "Today was perfect..." I said looking over to Ashton who was laying next to me. "I think I can think of something more perfect..." Ashton said. I sat up, and he did to. "What would that be?" I questioned giggling a bit. "You." He said drifting off, moving his lips closer to mine. Our lips almost touched when out of nowhere... I pillow hit me.

"WHAT?! WHAT HAPPENED?!" I shouted sitting up in my bed. My twin brother was chuckling at me. "You were about to make out with your pillow... Dreaming about your lover boy Ashton again?" He said chuckling. "Oh fuck off Bryan." I said. "Cmon. It's our birthday genius. Mum is making waffles. Get your ass up." He said chuckling. "WAIT." I said getting out of bed. He turned to me annoyed. "Your gift from me is in my closet. I wanna see when you see it." I said smirking. He chuckled. "Fine... I swear if it's something to do with a clown I'll murder you. And I have your gift so don't worry." He said. I smiled as he walked over to my closet. It took me the whole school year to save up for it... And since we are turning 18 it's a pretty awesome gift. He opened the door and gasped. I had a big picture of the Suzuki sports bike he won't shut up about and the key was dangling from it... Dad kept it hidden in the garage. "OH MY GOD YOU ACTUALLY GOT ME IT?!?" He shouted. I nodded smiling like an idiot. He ran over and hugged me. He is only an inch taller than me (he's 6'1") but he managed to pick me up and spin me around. He squealed in delight and ran off. I smiled to myself and flicked my hair. "I'm officially the best twin ever." I said to myself. I quickly ran to the bathroom and brushed through my hair... I quickly curled it and did my usual makeup. (Foundation, thick black cat eyeliner (around whole eye), filling in my eye brows (I have dark hair almost black) and red lipstick.) I pulled my hair up into a messy high ponytail, leaving a few pieces hanging out. I had taken out my piercings last night... So I put them back in. I had my ears pierced, a double cartilage piercing on my left ear, a small nose ring (a little stud) and my lip ring. All were little black jewels... Besides the solid black lip ring. I placed my glasses on my face... Ew glasses. I ran into my room and put on my clothes (black skinny jeans, sws shirt, red flannel, brown combat boots). "Juliet! Food is ready! And I have your gift!" Bryan shouted. I squealed in happiness. I ran down stairs to see everyone at the table. (Bryan, mom, dad, 10 month old baby brother josh, 8 year old sister Riley). "Sorry I took so long to get ready." I said chuckling sitting down. There was a huge plate of waffles. There was also fruit and stuff... But waffles. "Thank you." I said as m dad put some waffles on my plate. "I can not believe you bought me that bike jules. How long did it take you to get that money?" Bryan questioned. "NO JOSH KEEP THE FOOD IN THE BOWL PLEASE." My mom said as josh started throwing his baby food at Riley who started crying. Bryan and I held back our laughter.... "It took me all year." I said to Bryan. His eyes widened as he ate some of his waffle. "And he still have a whole semester... Ew." He said. "Hey are you and Ashton hanging out today?" Bryan asked. I shrugged. "I think he might have forgotten it was my birthday.... He hasn't called or anything." I said eating some of my waffles. "Oh trust me he didn't." He said. What? Now I'm confused. For the rest of breakfast I sat pondering what he meant. "Before you two head out Bryan give her your present... And take this thing." Dad said handing me the baby. I rolled my eyes as josh cuddled into my shoulder. "Why thanks dad what a wonderful gift. A baby brother." I said sarcastically. "Here let's trade." Bryan said. He handed me a box a my feet and I handed him the baby. I sat down at the couch. The box went to my knees when I sat down... It was a huge box. "Give me thy knife brethren."

I said to Bryan. He carefully grabbed me one and avoided Josh. I stabbed the box and ripped it open. I smiled at what was in it. A ton of band merch. I had 5 shirts (2 ATL, 1 nirvana, 1 new politics, and 1 new medicine.), 5 bracelets (to match the shirts) a ton of hot topic jewellery (bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and chokers). At the bottom of the package their was a envelope... I opened it up. "OH MY GOD THANK YOU!" I screamed to Bryan. He chuckled. It was two tickets for the all time low future hearts tour. "And you can take whoever you want." He said. Michael. Michael would die for this concert. He loves all time low. "And their is one more thing that didn't make it in the box." He said. He smirked and ran upstairs after handing my dad the baby. My mom was dealing with a crying 8 year old trying to get her ready for school. Josh was just chewing on his foot. Same. Bryan ran down stairs with his hand behind his back, but then simply threw two lanyards on my lap. They were for the backstage meet and greet. Holy fucking shit. I instantly jumped up and hugged Bryan. "Thank you thank you thank you THANKYOU!" I said. He chuckled. "Now let's get to school you idiot." I smirked grabbing the tickets and back stage passes to surprise Michael.

*at school*

I saw luke, cal, Ashton, and mike all in our usual spot in the school yard. It was the day of the week that we actually didn't have to wear our school uniforms. Thank god. I ran over to them. Ashton instantly hugged me, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULES." They all yelled. I chuckled. "Your all idiots." I said. I instantly looked to Michael. "Hey hey hey mikey. Guess what." I said. He looked confused. "What this time?" He questioned annoyed. "Just hold out your hands." I said. He rolled his eyes and held out his hand with no energy at all. I placed the future hearts ticket and backstage pass in his hands. He looked down in annoyance. He looked at me, then back at the tickets, then back at me. A huge smile formed on his face. "Your fucking kidding me right?" He said. I shook my head. "I got it as a gift. WE ARE GOING TO MEET AND SEE ALL TIME LOW." I screamed and he squealed and hugged me. "Oh my fucking god this is fantastic!" He said. The other boys were chuckling at his excitement. As we all started talking about there band practice after school the intercom went off, "would Michael Clifford and Calum hood please report to the principals office. Immediately." Michael and Calum highfived each other. Ashton scowled at them, "what did you do this time?" He questioned. "Added white vinegar and salt to all the water things in the office... All five of em." Michael said. Cal chuckled. Luke rolled his eyes. "Idiots..." We all mumbled under your breath. "Oh hey I got you a gift." Luke said. I smiled. He handed me a little box. I opened it. I was the Polaroid picture his mom took of all of us at the beach when Ashton and I were 12, Michael and Calum were 9 and luke was 8. The picture was taken seconds before Michael and Calum dumped water on my head. Great. I hugged luke. "Thank you luke. I know you only have one copy of this picture so thank you." I said. "No prob jules." Just then his phone went off. He sighed but then smiled. "It's Alesha. She's looking for me... Gotta go." He smiled and ran away. Ashton hugged me when he left. "Happy birthday bestie." He said chucking. He handed me a little box. I smiled and opened it. Inside the box was a necklace. Identical to the anklet he got me when we were 8. "Ten years later and I found one to match it...." He said chuckling. It was a beautiful white rose pendant. He knows I never take off the anklet. "Thank you... So much." I said hugging him.

A/n- ITS BACK?!?! WHAT?!?! Well your welcome! Lol I love you all! ALL 205 OF TOU 😘😘😘

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