Behind the darkness

People fear uncertainness. If something seems unfamiliar or different most of them keep their distance. But life is nothing one can plan. Life just happens, if you are prepared for it or not. Life does not make a difference, and neither does fate.


1. Prologue

There was this boy with blonde hair, sitting on the street. He was three years old, maybe four. He smiled. In his small hands he held two toys, a soldier and a plane. It was nice outside, the sun was already setting, a fresh breeze made the leafs in the tree above me dance and I could feel the warmth of the last sunrays on my face and the cool grass under my feet. I breathed in the scent of some flowers growing in the grass next to me, little daisies, they were my favourite ones. I shot a glace back at the little boy. I didn't know him very well, his parents had just moved into the house across the street, but he always smiled at me.

I heard the truck before I saw it. Music was blasting through the open windows and I heard laughter. I turned my head left and froze.
The truck was gigantic, in that moment it seemed a lot bigger than it probably was. And it was going fast. Too fast. The boy on the street had lifted his head up and stared at the truck coming towards him. His eyes were wide open and his mouth formed an 'o'.
If I think back now, I don't know how I did it, but suddenly I found myself standing next to the little boy, gripping his shoulders. He looked at me surprised. His eyes were a dark green. I pushed him and he fell to the side. Blood was dripping from a wound on his knee.
Next thing I heard was a loud squeal like someone was braking really hard. I turned around. There was light everywhere. It blinded me for a moment. I saw the truck sliding towards me. The headlights seemed like glowing eyes that would swallow me up any second.
Then the truck and I collided.

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