You cannot reach, parts you can not breach.


1. Illusion

You say all these words in hopes to reach, the darkest part of my mind,
Yetyour not afraid or even cautious of what you might find.
My thoughts are a jumbled mess, not a pretty place,
Because what sleeps there could reveal my true face.

So youcontinue to scratch at my walls in hope to enter,
What lays dormant, in ones own head holds the deepest torment,
Because that is what you will find when you catch a peak,
Past the barriers and to the core, and to the answer you truly seek.

The person I show that I am, is a mask I created.
Aprotective barrier that shelters me from those who hate,
That wish me harm and try to decide my fate.
You have no idea what you're about to see,
The true me.

You brush off all warnings of protests,
When you say that I can trust you, to let you in, your my friend.
That you are different and want tohelp as you move closer.
Tell me, what do you wish to accomplish?
Do you wish me closure?

I am, what I say I am, an empty shell to hide,
Amongst my own self-loathing, neither good or evil, I am on no ones side.
Istep away from you and your words but I start to have my doubts,
Your intentions, why you try and what they are really about.

I feel like im fighting my own demons, as I stray farther from the light,
Which choice, which path is right?
Suddenly my chest feels very tight,
And all I can do, is look at you.
With the simplest of a statement I say,

"No. I shall not get swept up in such an illusion, of trust, all around me, uncontrollable confusion."

Its that look you give me that tells me you no longer know how to reach,
To the person that I use to be.
I finally look in your eyes and I know, now, you understand, you see,
That truth hits harder than lies,
So now your setting there, I can see you ponder,
And one can only wonder,
Why one tries.

Life is an illusion, twisted to fit ones needs,
And the greed, hate, it slowly feeds,
The darkness thatbegins to grow in ones heart,
That was not there at the start.

An illusion. That's all I see.
As were you're attempts to set me free.

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