The wild side

Lola is a young photographer with no inspiration. When her best friend's cousin James comes to town, she really thinks she found love. But what happens when his best friend Collin makes her feel things that fills her with more inspiration than ever before?
Read to find out!


1. My hobby

Fortvillehigh, just another High school where everyone has to earn a reputation.

Of course there's always the pretty girls, the jocks and the nerds. Lucky for me I am not one of them. Sure I was popular for a little while, but that was two years ago. I won the National State Photography prize for teens ages 15 to 17. Everyone was all suddenly nice to me, they all knew who I was.

Of course, that was two years ago, and I haven't won another competition since then. Over time my popularity faded, and I became a normal girl who wanders the halls of Fortvillehigh.

I'm just Lola, the girl with the one friend.

"Lola," Bailey is staring at me from accross the table. "You coming tonight?"

Bailey is that one friend I talked about. She has been my friend through all my popularity, and my big fall.

"I don't know," I say. "I don't feel like the movies tonight..."

"You don't feel like the movies every night!" She snaps at me. "Please Lola?"

I sigh. "Fine, I'll go!" I smile at her. "Just for you, okay?"

It's not that I don't like the movies, I just don't have a reason to go. These days it's better to stay at home, alone.

"Yes!" She smiles back. "See you there at eight??"

I nod at her and watch as she walks away. I am now left here alone with my thoughts. I rarely think about photography these days. I guess it's because I have photographers block. My camera is just gathering dust in my room, I sometimes think that I just have to let it go.


As I approach the theatre, I see Bailey talking to some guys. For a second I want to hide, but then she sees me.

"Hey Lola, come over here!" She directs me into the conversation. "This is my cousin and his friend, they're new in town."

"Hi guys..." I akwardly rub my arm as I look at them both. I reconize Bailey's cousin from some family photos in her house. He's tall and lightskinned with blonde hair, just like Bailey. The other guy is a tad strange. His style is so not my type, it's too dangerous. His brown fringe is running accross his green eyes with sneaky dimples hiding underneath.

"Hey," the both add.

"James right?" I ask Bailey's cousin.

"Yea" he smiles at me and for a moment we hold eye contact. Our akward display is broken by the guy next to him giving a grunt.

"Ahem..." He says.

"Oh..." James gives an akward laugh. "This is Collin..."

They both bump eachother and return to the conversation.

"Ummm James?" He says. "Shouldn't we go?"

For a moment I thought James was going to stay, but alas he bid us a goodbye and they both walk off.

"Awwee," Bailey says. "James likes you!"

"No!" I try to deny. "C'mon, the movie's going to start!"

We both laugh and walk off to the snack bar. For some reason I think that she wanted this to happen!

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