Broken Angel

this a poem I wrote for every one who is going through a hard time right now and feels like they all alone...your not


1. Your not alone.....

I am a broken angel

I will not fly tonight

I feel my time is nearing and soon I will be gone

 I am a broken angel

But I was an angel ounce upon a dream

A dream that starts with me but a nightmare that ends with you

I am a broken angel I will not fly tonight

No instead I lay my head down

I had a good fight

I am a broken angel who feel in love with the night

So as I lay my head down never to awake

I wrapped my self in love and hate

Even though I am gone I will still live on through you

You are my hero and you are my killer

The night is like a blanket

A blanket that will set you free

I was a broken angel but now I am free

Now I am whole and I will be watching over you my precious little angels

And I will guided you through your fight

I will be right by your side

For you are not a broken angel no not at all

You are a warrior who fight for your life

I was a broken angle who soon found the light

You are like me much as I am like you

I know you feel scared, and I know your alone, but just trust me this ounce when I say

You will not lose like I have lost mine...because you are stronger then they say and you will survive

Hey guys so this just a poem I wrote right now please tell me what you think of it ^^ Also for any one who is upset or feels alone just please know that you are not alone and I am always free to talk I will put in my bio my email, fb, skype, ig, and kik so if you ever need to reach me and I am not on here you will know where to find me

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