My Life as a Witch: Book 4

Clarissa, Madison, Talia, Max, and Tanner are all back at Lumos Academy. With the school changed though, will they remember who they are and were, and their friendships together? What exciting things will their fourth year at Lumos Academy bring, and why?


1. Summer Scars

Recap time!!! Last summer a painting fell on my face and the glass got stuck in my face. They got it out the Muggle way and I now have about 7 scars all across my face! Now it's only 5 because two went away, but one of them faded, so that's good. "Come on, Clarissa! Wake up!" Talia said, pounding on my pillow. It was 3 in the morning and we were going to check out the school. We had to go early to make sure everything was perfect. It was only a week before everyone else got there. It was strange, knowing that we'd be there then have to leave and then come back again. Huh, strange.


"Come on! The train'll be leaving any minute now!" Madi said. I nodded and took out my wand. I swished it twice and muttered, "laluan terbuka." Which translates from Mayla into "open passageway."

I dragged my things through the passage and saw the train. I looked at it and smiled at it's beauty. The dark purple train had a few words on it. "Hinc se lumos academy" That's Latin for "This way to Lumos Academy" 

The yellow letters had been repainted, instead of a bright neon yellow, they were a soft, creamy yellow. Like a soft glow. 


"Come on, Clarissa!" A voice called. I looked around and saw Emilia. My sister! I hadn't seen her in three years. No- four years.  I hadn't seen her since Conrad and Collin got their letters. My two twin brothers, Conrad and Collin, they were three years older than me. And Emilia was five years older. It was strange, my parents were Muggles, yet they produced four magical children. Conrad and Collin went to Salem, they didn't want to go to Lumos. They said, "It's too close to home. And Clarissa'll be going there." "Ugh!" Was my reply. 

"Emilia!!" I squealed. "Hey!" She ran to me and hugged me.

"LAST BOARDING CALL!" The conductor called. 

Emilia dragged me to an empty compartment and we sat down. "Why are you here?" I asked her. 

"I'm your new teacher!" She said. I was stunned. "Defense Against the Dark Arts," she said proudly. 

"What?" I asked. 

"Last year, Professor Trina retired. She didn't say why," Emilia explained. "I guess you'll have to call me Professor Lamond," Emilia laughed. 

"Listen, Em, I gotta go. My friends'll be waiting for me," I said. 

I ran out of the compartment before she could reply, and about 8 first years took my spot.


Authors Note:
Hey guys! I hope you liked how I started it! It's going to be an interesting year with Emilia Lamond, older sister to Clarissa Lamond, being the DADA teacher. What'll her friends say?

Find out soon!

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