Journal of Exploration

This is a journal of my everyday life extremely exaggerated to make my life seem somewhat exciting. I have turned my everyday encounters into the life of a traveling explorer.

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1. In The Deep Jungles of Africa





   Today on our journeys my companions and I had the rare opportunity to observe a new species, not yet named by explorers or scientists, in their natural habitat. They were rather interesting creatures. They all traveled in large packs of about 6 or 7 but occasionally there would be groups of only 1 or 2.

   We were exploring in a remote jungle in Africa. All the creatures of this new species were headed towards the same point. We cleverly blended in with our surroundings. We had to take several risks, crossing over the crocodile infested rivers, with only a single log to act as a bridge. Very risky.

   Once we had reached the creatures that we were observing's destination at a small water fall we had a wonderful opportunity to do some observing. After a bit of observing we discovered how vicious and dangerous they were so we quickly made our way back to the vehicle. 

   On our way one of my companions and I went ahead. During which another companion fell into the river but luckily, he was quickly rescued by the rest of our group. They came back to the vehicle soaked. 

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