I think that everyone goes through at least one of these stages in life, wether it's bullying, depression or anything else, just remember that you are not alone.


1. My Story

I give up. Nothing's working. Lost my friends, hated by my family, what's left? A shell. That's what. A shell of me. People don't seem to understand what they say can really change a person's life. You could be thinking what you say is funny, but it scars them and makes them contemplate suicide. You try and hide this away from everyone, laugh it off... But it drives you to the edge and you slowly lose your sanity. You constantly put yourself down until it's too late. I know that feeling. I lived it. My name is Olivia Parker, a lonely girl growing up in England. And when you have abusive parents, two-faced friends and a mob of 15 year olds each day beating you up for money, life suddenly gets more difficult.
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