Akatsuki Daddy and Mummy.

Y/n was hiding in the thick of bush's of a forest from Rogue Ninja,when she stumbles across a strange man wearing a mask,who takes her to a cave.
(Reader x Akatsuki)


1. Introduction

 Young Y/n P.OV
I was racing throught the lush growth of a forest close to the place I never wanted to go back.
That place was, Home.
Why did I never want to go back home you ask?The answer is simple but long,it all started when I was training with my older brother,______ -kun when a gang of rogue ninja approached us from our house dragging the corpses of my parents  F/N  L/N and F/N  L/N by their hair,I froze in my tracks,fear and sorrow struck my eyes ,_______-kun saw this and turned around only to be pierced in the stomach and chest area with shuriken and kuranai.
Long story short they tried to kill me to satisfye their blood lust but I escaped their sight and here I am running through the forest ,a waterfalll of tears running down my face,making my face moist and cold in the slight breeze that ruzzled the green,lush foliage of the tree's and bushs that surrounded me.
I could hear there voices echoing behind me in the distance,an adrenaline kicked in and I raced forward aimlessly in search of somewhere to hide,so hear I am running for my life,my family,my existance,my meaning in life eventually I ran out of hope and energy to carry on running away so I sat in the comforting,lush foliage of a bush and silently and painfully tried to keep in my pleases for life,sobs for my families deaths and curses of how I just ran away instead of fighting .
I start quietly crying to myself trying to not give away my hiding spot.

Tobi P.O.V
I was walking along the cobble stone path that guided us throught the forest with my artistic partner,Deidara when I faintly heard soft crying in the distance almost being comsumed by the voice of my proud ,talkative partner giving another one of his artistic speachs.
I looked into the the bush I heard the sobbing coming from and found a little girl ,her cloths torn,blood all over her smooth skin.
"Hello" I said in a soft voice making her stop crying.
"Tobi not goanna harm you so you can come out ,little one!"
Tobi sat down infront of the bush,hugging his knee's earning a glare from Deidara who had almost gained up.
"Y-you pinky promise"
"Tobi pinky promises and crosses his heart" I said curling my pinky anround her's and shaking it down.
Her head popped out of the foliage of the bush for  moment before gasping and taking her head back into the bushs ,I turned to see Deidara with a scary glare.
"It's alright cutie.Dei-sempai won't hurt you"
 Deidara gave me a are you talking to your self glare.
"Promise the little one you won't harm her Dei-sempai!"
"Who are you talking to,Tobi un?"
I then took ahold of Deidara's long,blonde hair "Tobi won't let go on your hair until you promise you won't hurt her"I said holding his hair tighter
Deidara gave me a annoyed look and a sigh "Fine I promise I won't hurt whoever you are."
The little girl walked out of the bush shly scaring Deidara of what was about to approach us.
"Dei-sempai could we please take her back to the hideout please!"I pleaded
Deidara examined the girl and gave a sigh while getting his hair back to shape "Fine ...but I am not taking a blame on this,she is your responsibility Tobi....let's get going".

>>>>>>Time Skip to Hideout<<<<<<<<<
"So that's how we found this girl"said Tobi who just explained to Pain and Konan why they brought back a little girl.
Tobi looked at Pain hope in his eyes "So is she staying Pain-sama?"asked Konan who held you in an tight embrace,you tilted your head up and gave her a smile ,she returned your smile .
Pain gave a sigh "Yes ,but before it's offical someone will have to take responsibility of her"Pain said giving you a glance as you played with an origami rose Konan made epecially for you.

"Tobi will be her father!"Tobi shouted
"Who said you should be her father Tobi!"asked Deidara raising his voice a bit.
"SHe could become a Jashinist"grinned Hidan.

"SHUT UP ALL OF YOU!!"Pain shouted loudly making Konan cover your ears with her hands and everyone gritting there teeth and covering there ears in an attempt to muffle the sound of Pain's voice .

"We will all write our names on a piece of color paper and what ever color she chooses the person who has that color will take care of her and her well being"Pain said more softly.

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