"Your mine, do you hear that? Mine! You belong to me, and only me."


1. Chapter One

We sat together in the party, smiling widely and doing our best to pretend to be happy families.My father and mother sat beside each other though they didn't talk, they had given up trying to make their marriage work. My adorable little brother Oliver who was turning eight soon was playing with his toy car, which he had taken from home even though my mother had told him not to bring toys to the party. Sitting beside me was my older sister Amelia who was too busy texting her boyfriend.

From the way Amelia was blushing nervously, and clicking away constantly, I could see that my sister had finally fallen in love. My sister was beautiful, and at three years older than me at a mature nineteen, Amelia was everything I wanted to look like; with brown straight hair, and blue eyes and a slender figure, which was what every girl wanted to look like. Most people would assume I hated my sister for being so perfect, but I didn't, well not all the time, especially considering how close we were in age, we had gotten used to one another. Though that didn't mean we were always very tight, especially when I borrowed my sister's clothes without her permission and never gave it back. But, through all that, we had become more like friends.

We were all surprised when my mother had finally announced that we were going to the somebody's birthday party, and before any of us could lie about having somewhere to be, my mother had said it was important and we had to go as a family. I didn't even know who's birthday it was, it was probably a child from one of my mother's friends, or one of my father's business friend's children. Whoever it was, we had been dragged to go as a family, and especially since we didn't really go anywhere as a family, it had been a hard task to accomplish. Even at home, our whole family was separated as it could be, my father was too busy at work, and even when he was at home, he was too busy on the laptop. My mother was an artist, so she was always locked up in her room, finding her inspiration as she would like to stay.

I never understood, since it looked more like she was splashing paint over the canvas, none of us got mum artistic genes, well maybe Oliver since he loved drawing us a family, though his drawings looked like scribbles than a proper person. But, he was only a little, Amelia was more like my father, very confident and more like a businessman. Though, Amelia had made it very clear to my father that she was not going to follow his steps, I knew my sister wanted to be a model, and she would be a good one I thought. Amelia had already accomplished being a model and had done a few modeling gigs already, she was waiting for her next big gig. Then there was me, I wasn't like any of my family, I wasn't artistic like mum and Oliver or confident and loud like dad and Amelia. I had sometimes joked that I was probably adopted, which made my parents laugh or pretend to ignore me.

Amelia was always busy modelling something, or trying out a new diet though she was already slender and pretty, so I didn't understand her and Oliver would entertain himself by watching cartoons and playing with his toys. I normally locked myself in my room, and listened to music on my phone or watched the tv that was in my room. I looked around the party hall. There were quite a few teenagers my age surrounding someone, and other families chatting away in the quaint atmosphere. Maybe I could somehow escape this party, I didn't want to be here. I didn't even know who's birthday it was, the hall was near our house maybe a fifteen-minute walk, so I could always walk home. 

"I'm going to get a drink," I say, excusing myself.

"I want one as well!" Oliver exclaimed.

"Don't worry Oliver, I'll get you one as well," I say, before walking away from my parents.

I saw my family sitting alone in the table in one area, and decided to walk as far away as possible. Then I continue to walk as far as possible, determined to get to the door. I couldn't help staring at my parents since I was afraid they would find out my escape plan and stop me. Suddenly, I turn my head and accidently bump into someone. I exclaim loudly, before turning to see who had bumped into me. A beautiful guy stood in front of me, with blonde hair and blue eyes, he smiles at me when he catches me looking at me.

"I'm sorry," the blonde teen apologises to me.

"It's fine, do you know where the exit is?" I ask him, determined to escape this party.

"So, you're leaving without even saying happy birthday to the birthday boy," the blonde teen asks me, cocking his head to a side and looking at me.

"I don't even know who's birthday it is, my parents dragged me here, so I thought maybe I could escape before I have to meet the little kid who's birthday it is," I say.

"Little kid," the blonde haired guy says.

"Yes, it's probably some little kid whose parents decided to invite a lot of strangers, just because they want their little kid to be happy," I say.

"Yes, I guess so," the blonde haired guy says with a doubt.

"So, what are you doing here, did you parents drag you as well?" I ask the guy, wondering why he was here as well.

Suddenly a curly haired guy with lovely green eyes wraps his arms around the blonde guy, then hands him a birthday present.

"Happy Birthday Niall!" the curly haired guy tells the blonde haired guy who is called Niall.

"Thanks, Harry," Niall says, taking the birthday present before looking at me.

"So who is your beautiful friend?" Harry asks, sticking out his hand to me.

"Well," Niall begins to say, realizing he didn't know who I was.

"I'm Elizabeth Evans, Liz for short," I introduce, shaking Harry's hand.

"I'm Harry Styles, Niall's best friend though he probably didn't say that, he gets really nervous when he talks to girls, and especially as you're a beautiful girl," Harry tells me.

"Thanks," I reply, feeling nervous.

"So Niall why are you hogging Liz to yourself, do you want to keep her all to yourself?" Harry mocks Niall.

"I'm not hogging her," Niall mumbled quietly, feeling embarrassed.

"Happy birthday!" I say, realizing that it was his birthday.

I didn't realize that it was a teenager's birthday, I thought it was some little child, feeling slightly embarrassed that I had just told Niall, that his parents had decided to invite a lot of strangers.

"Thanks," Niall says awkwardly.

"Niall's parents love Niall so much, that they invited so many people. Niall doesn't even know half of them," Harry laughs, messing around with Niall's hair.

"That's sweet," I say, feeling bad for Niall.

He was probably like me, didn't like his parents celebrating his birthday for him, he didn't know anyone as well.

"Yes, they are. Come on Niall, Louis is waiting for you," Harry says dragging Niall away.

"Here's Niall number, talk to him later or he'll mumble the whole day of not getting your number," Harry says, handing a piece of paper and then dragging Niall into the crowd.

"Bye," Niall mumbled, waving at me before he disappears into the crowd.

"Bye," I say, fingering the paper Harry had given to me before looking into the crowd.

"Happy birthday Niall," I mumble to myself, before deciding to head back to my parents.

I tuck the piece of paper into my pocket and smiled in the direction where Niall had wondered off in. Maybe this party wouldn't be as bad as I thought it would be. I see Oliver noticing me walking towards him, and waving widely at me. I smile and take my seat beside Amelia.

"You were gone a long while," Amelia mumbled to me, before winking.

"I got lost," I lie.

"Where's my juice?" Oliver asks, realizing that I was empty handed.

"Oh no, I left the juice, sorry squirt," I tell Oliver, messing with his hair.

"So you must have been very busy then," Amelia says to me.

"Maybe," I blurt out, looking down.

"Umm, maybe with some guys," Amelia says, raising her eyebrows suggestively.

I turn to look at her, wondering how she could have known what I was doing, I was sure Amelia had not been there when I was talking to Harry and Niall. My heart pounds rapidly, and I look flustered and embarrassed. Amelia looks at my alarmed face and laughs.

"I was joking, sheesh," Amelia says.

I take a gasp of air, realizing I had been holding my breath, I attempt to smile before looking down.

"Maybe," Amelia mumbled to me, causing me to look at her, wondering if she knew.

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