Its not that i dont love you...||mgc||

"I love you"


1. 1


"I love you" my sister said to her boyfriend

"I love you too" he said back and kissed her forehead

"Oh could you two stop?! I came down here to watch a movie not feel like the third wheel!" I yelled getting really annoyed

"Well you could go upstairs" Trinity answered

"Fuck you" I said under my breath and got my blanket and went to my room. She doesn't understand that when im in my room by myself I think too much and when I think too much i get sad and when i get sad i cry. So I decided to call my best friend. After 3 rings she answered


"Hi!" I said happy she answered

"Can you please come over"


"Trinity is being a bitch and kicked me out of the living room because I told her that her and her boyfriend are being disgusting"

"Ok. I'll be over in like 10"

"Ok. Bye"

"Bye." She said and hung up. About 10 minutes later the doorbell rang and i ran downstairs

"Hello" I said and saw my blond friend

"Hi" she said and I let her in. I turned around to introduce Raegan to Mark because they haven't met but he was too busy sucking my sisters face off

"Lets go upstairs" I whispered and we ran not wanting to see what happens next


"Im hungry. Are you hungry?" Raegan asked and I nodded. We both got off my bed and went downstairs to get food. When we got down there we saw that Trinity and Mark were asleep

"Be super loud" I whispered and she nodded. We walked into the kitchen and we started to open and close the cabinets

"What the hell? Do you have to make that much noise!" Trinity yelled and me and Raegan started to laugh

"I DO WHAT I WANT!" I yelled and then I heard Mark say that i was an uncaring bitch and honestly I could care less

"Get your food and go upstairs" Trinity said and layed back down

"We're not supposed to take food upstairs" I said and I only said that to get her mad cause nobody listens to that stupid rule

"Shut the fuck up already!" She yelled and we started to laugh again

"No" I said and got a bag of hot fries and offered some to Raegan and she gladly took some

"Can you please go upstairs?" Mark asked and I shook my head no

"You're an asshole. C'mon Mark we're going to my room"

"Mom said she doesn't want him in your room or in any room with the door closed because of that one time" I said and me and Raegan started to laugh at the memory


"C'mon Raegan. It's only 5 minutes"

"My dad said that if i was late I would be in more trouble than im already in" She got grounded for sneaking out... Again

"Please? If you get in trouble then I'll tell him it was my idea"

"Fine" she said and i dragged her towards my house and as soon as we opened the door it was quiet

"Trinity! Are you home?!" She didn't answer so i went upstairs and Raegan followed me

"I don't think she's here" Raegan said as we got in front of her door. I opened the door and quickly walked away. Her chest was bare and she only had underwear on and she was straddling Mark. Once she noticed that the door was open she screamed.

"Holy shit!" I yelled not knowing what was happening.

"Are you dressed now?" Raegan laughed

•flashback over•

"Shut up!" She yelled and took Mark upstairs anyway

"Mom is going to be mad!" I yelled after her but she didn't acknowledge me so i just shrugged.


Me and Raegan finished eating the bag of hot fries and we were making our way up the stairs when the front door open and close and I knew it was my mom because everybody was already home.

"Hey mom" I said and went to hug her

"Hey honey" she said and let go of me

"Hi mom" Raegan said and hugged her too. Raegan was always over and we were so close that she called my mom 'mom' and I did the same at her house

"Hi Raegan" my mom smiled and then walked really fast to her bedroom

"Hey! Why did you leave so quickly?!" I yelled and went to her room with Raegan following behind me

"I have a date" she said and came out of her closet in a really pretty red dress

"With who?!" Raegan yelled and sat on her bed

"Andrew" my mom gushed and I gagged. He is a doctor and makes a shit load of money and my mom happens to get to go on a whole bunch of dates with him

"Who the hell is he?" Raegan asked and I laughed

"He's some kind of doctor" my mom answered

"And he makes a shit-load of money" I added and my mom smacked my arm

"That's not why I'm going on dates with him" my mom said and I rolled my eyes

"You know what?" I said

"What?" My mom and Raegan answered in unison

"We still haven't met him" I said and me and Raegan raised an eyebrow and she just smiled

"You will when him and his kids move in next week" my mom said and my jaw dropped

"What?! What about the room that Raegan pretty much has here?" I asked clearly not ready for this

"She can sleep in your bedroom when she sleeps over" my mom said and slipped on a pair of black heels while me and Raegan were laughing

"There is no way in hell that im sleeping in the same bad as her because she hoggs the covers and she always puts her legs on me" I said and she pouted

"Well you almost never sleep with the covers so you lay on top of them so it makes it hard for the other person to sleep and you are always on your phone late at night so it makes it hard for me to sleep" she said not even talking to my mom but she was talking to me

"You guys stop insulting each other and go pack all of Raegan's stuff out of the guest room but first where is your sister?"

"She's upstairs with Mark" i said and you could tell my mom was mad

"She knows that I don't want boys in her room"

"That's how my mom is because one time we were watching Dr. Phill and the troubled kid was taking boys to her room and having sex with them. So whenever i have my boyfriend over we have to stay downstairs" she said and I laughed at her

"That's funny" I said when I was finally done laughing at her

"No it's not" Raegan said and my mom rolled her eyes

"I would start to help your friend move out of our guest room" I groaned at the words that came out of my mother's mouth

"It's not fair!" I yelled

"What's not fair" Trinity said as she walked in my mom's room

"Mom is having her boyfriend move in and Raegan has to move out of one of the guest rooms because he has two kids" I said and her mouthe fell open

"What?!" She yelled and I smirked knowing my mom was going to get a whole bunch of shit from us

"Yup" Raegan said and we left the room so we could unpack her bedroom

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