Dramione Vs. Romione

Reason to ship Dramione and why Dramione is better ship than romione.
If you wondering why Dramione? We'll here you're answer.


1. Reason Romione Won't Work


Dramione Vs. Roniome 


    Alright so i been searching through the internet and I found people dissing my most favorite ship Dramione. So i'm going to show Dramione haters and Anti-Draco that the ship is better than Romione or HarryxHermione.


   1) Ron isn't brightest person out there. Now I, unlike most Dramione fan, actually like Ron i think he cute and hate ron-bashing. But even through Fanfriction we have to face the fact that Ron oblivious and dumb. He can't keep up with Hermione smarts. He bloody cheat off her! 


   2) I research reason people hate dramione and reason people ship them. People hate same the same things while dramione gave new reason that made me ship them them harder. Face it there to many hole in Romione ship. whether Dramione or fremione.


  3) I can see why people ship them as i ship but wasn't my favorite aand hestate shipping them. Now i know why. Anyways Ron doesn't have a lot of common hell i think they wouldn't have been friend (not with ron attitude in the beginning) 

    4) Ron can't have interesting converstation with her, unless it homework or quidditch (sp?) or harry there, insulting Draco. Hermione is always start the converstation with Ron if none of those topic.


  5) Jk Rowling agrees. She says Ron is never really wwould have made Hermione happy. I had this suspicion but JK confirms it and that where my loyalty to Romione disappear.





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