Michael clifford


1. meeting him

Over time you realize people aren't worth fighting for I read for the hundredth time flash backs kept coming back to when I walking in oh my best friend and boyfriend having sex it was horrible well anyways my names Jaime Hernandez and I'm currently sitting at the cafe crying my eyes out my phone keeps blowing up from text that are from my EX boyfriend Alex and my EX best friend Destiny I can't talk to them or look at them with out being disgusted I've been sitting here for like two hours by myself

"what's a pretty girl like you doing by yourself?" A boy about my age said he had purple and blue hair it was cool and was pretty tall and good looking

after I realized how long I've been looking at him I looked back down at the table "Umm...so-sorry I should go I've been here long enough"I said and quickly sarted getting my stuff

"NO I mean nah it's fine I can just sit with you?" He said trying not to act shy but you could clearly tell he was" that's if you don't mind" he said again while scratching the back of his neck

"umm yeah you could" I said blushing a little "Michael by the way" he said while sticking out his hand "Jaime" i said and gladly excepted it

After another two hours of sitting there asking each their questions talking about random stuff and laughing I heard some one yell his name I turned around and seen 3 other boys about our age walking towards us Michael got up and said hi to all of them and after them talking for about 10 minuets Michael turned around and said

"Guys this is Jaime, Jaime this is Calum" he pointed to one with dark brown hair "Hi" I whisperd but loud enough for him to hear me "hey" he practically yelled, I chuckled then Michael pointed to a really tall one with a red bandana wrapped around his head "sup" he said with a cheeky smile "Hey" I said then he pointed to one with perfect blond hair and a lip piercing "And last but not least Luke" "Hey beautiful" he said "umm hi" I said while huge time blushing "so Michael you on a date with this pretty lady?" Ashton asked while hitting Michaels arm, " I wish" he mumbled I stared blushing a lot and you could totally tell "I think she does to" Luke pointed at me and started laughing then they all started laughing at me but then about five minuets later I got a text from my mom

Mom:hey honey planning on coming home soon?

Me: yeah I will be home in 10

Mom: okay be safe love you

Me: okay love you too

With that I looked up at the 4 boys and told them I had to go they all started pretend crying I laughed and walked away then I heard someone yell my name " what's your number so we can hang out again then I gave it to him and left.

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