That Curly Haired Idiot

Why did he have to come in my life?

Elizabeth Cooper known as Liz to her friends has so many problems and it's all because of that curly idiot. If you don't know his name, it's Harry Styles. That one person in the world who Liz hates, do you want to know why, well it's simply because he ruined her life. Everything was going great for Liz, a perfect family, a great best friend, a loving boyfriend but that was all before Harry Styles stepped into her life.


1. Chapter One

She rolled her eyes quietly to herself and watched her older brother Ryan run off to his pretty little girlfriend Jessica. Elizabeth couldn't help putting at his brother fiance, who turned to look at Elizabeth and smirked. She actually smirked at her, that she-devil, Liz stuck her tongue out in vain, wondering what her brother could actually see in that little brat. Some would think Liz was jealous of her new sister in law to be, but Liz wasn't jealous just slightly afraid. She knew that Jessica would know be everything to her brother, and Liz couldn't help feel envious of her. It has always been the two of them, Liz didn't really get on with her parents. Her lovely but busy mother was always on the phone to somebody, and even though she complained to Elizabeth and told her she was a working mother from home, Liz never thought her mother was a proper mother to her. Liz knew that she shouldn't think that, after all her mother was working for her and Ryan, everything was for them. Though Liz couldn't help wishing her mum was like any normal mum, one who would constantly watch over her daughter, and embarrass her in front of her friends. Elizabeth couldn't even talk to her mum properly though she couldn't blame her. It wasn't like her dad, the great Chad Cooper who was such a successful businessman, who couldn't ever visit his children, and not to mention having a girlfriend who was just a couple of years older than Ryan.
So maybe that was why Liz didn't feel like sharing her brother with. Ryan was the one person who had always been in Elizabeth life, been there through the pain and sadness. Ryan had been the one who had given Liz the talk and watched over her when she had gone through the teenage stage. So now she was sixteen, and in the eyes of her brother was becoming a mature young woman, but that didn't mean Elizabeth could not longer be the apple of her brother's eye, did it. Liz knew that without her brother, her family would have torn up years ago, Ryan was the one who held it all together. He was the peacemaker, who did everything he could to keep his precious family in a hold. Even when Liz had rebelled and ditched school, it had been Ryan who had come to school, and listen to the headteacher moan about his little sister.

Then it had been Ryan who had come home, and cried for being a horrible parent to Liz, but Liz knew Ryan couldn't blame himself, he wasn't even Elizabeth's parent for a start. He was supposed to do everything in life that he wished, but he had sacrificed so much for her, starting from missing his prom to babysit his sister, to having to collect Liz from a sleepover instead of going to the movie with his friends, and Liz knew that she was being a brat. She knew it full stop, but she couldn't help but stand in the way of his brother's happiness. Elizabeth really wanted to shout and scream at Jessica, and stop her coming into the family, but she couldn't, since by doing that she would destroy her brother's happiness, and she knew how much Ryan loved Jessica. He could see that just in his eyes, and how every time he heard her name, he would blush like an innocent school girl.

She couldn't destroy her brother's happiness, and she knew it. Not to her brother, the one person in her life who had always been there and loved her, she couldn't be jealous, but yet she was. It wasn't just the fact that Jessica was gorgeous, like a model and was everything Liz would never be. It was the fact that Elizabeth knew Jessica was the one for Ryan. Just seeing Jessica made her angry, she was slender and pretty, not to mention rich and well educated. If she was only a dumb blonde, Liz could insult her but she was an intelligent blonde, with blue eyes that manipulated everyone she saw. Be happy for your brother, her mum had told her, but she couldn't. Every time she thought of Jessica, she knew that Ryan would be leaving her family and joining Jessica's. How would her family cope without her brother? All hell would break lose, their perfect little family would break, her mum would have a breakdown over realizing that Chad would never choose her over his new mistress. Chad, her successful businessman father would continue splashing cash over his new girlfriend, and would rather buy her expensive jewellery then give the money he was supposed to have given to his wife. Liz would continue falling off the right path, and would go back to drinking and ditching her lessons, just when she had started making everything right, and Elizabeth knew nothing she could do would fix it.

She had lost her brother, her happiness to Jessica. Even if Jessica was horrible to Elizabeth, she would have something to hate her for, but Jessica had been nothing but kind to Liz, maybe slightly annoying and trying to please her too much, but nice none others. But, it wasn't just that, her brother had to knock Jessica up, yes Jessica was carrying Ryan's child, the heir and fortune to Styles enterprise. Did she forget to mention that Jessica was the older sister to her nemesis, Harry Styles? That horrible curly haired idiot who had bullied her for the last few years, apparently Ryan's wedding would bring them together, but that was stupid. Liz would never ever think of me and Harry together, not even in a sentence. Elizabeth hated Harry Styles, he and his miserable group of friends had found her as a plaything, an object to annoy and irritate. She was their latest victim, and the first thing she had done when Liz had heard that Harry was going to be my her brother was scream loudly.

That was before Liz broke my radio and thrown her school books everywhere. She couldn't imagine Harry being related to her, why did Ryan have to pick his sister of all people to love? Now that Jessica would soon give birth to the next Styles, Liz  could imagine it being as irritating as Harry.

But, it was too late for Ryan to escape the Styles clutches, he was going to become one of them. One just like Harry, there was nothing Liz could do to save her brother, it was his fate. In two more months, Ryan was going to marry, and around three months later Jessica would give birth to the Styles heir, how lovely. Why couldn't Ryan and Jessica just wait for at least the baby to be born? Jessica was going to be a pregnant bride, how lovely, Liz could just imagine Jessica swaddling down the aisle, ready to give birth any minute. But, it was all her brother Ryan's fault, he had said that he couldn't wait to marry Jessica, apparently it would make their love blossom even more. He couldn't wait to get married to her, maybe that was why he had slept with her before, just another pebble in the ocean Ryan said, yeah right.

Elizabeth had to behave apparently, especially for the next two months while the wedding preparation began. Her mum has scolded her for always being rude to Harry, excuse me did her mum even know that Harry had been that same bully who would always make her cry every day. Liz was going to be the bridesmaid, but that wasn't the worst part. Harry was going to be the best man, and that meant she had to dance with him. Could anything get even worse? oh yeah, not to mention Harry current girlfriend Leah Piper, currently hates her because she thinks Liz am going to wrap Harry in my clutches, does she even understand that we are going to be like brother and sister. Urgh! but that wasn't the worst part, she and Leah used to be my best friend, but that was before Harry came into their live, now were like mortal enemies, and it's all because of that curly haired idiot. If there was one person in the world who Liz hated with passion, it was defintly Harry, why did he have to come in her life?

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