Rejected But Am Loving It!

Heartache, a simple term used to describe a medley emotions felt by an individual when the person is betrayed. Unfortunately, for werewolves words can't explain the situation. This unbearable and indescribable pain can only be caused when the mate of the werewolf dies, or in very rare cases the werewolf is rejected by that destined partner.
Werewolves find their mates at the age seventeen and the werewolves go through their first shift and if the werewolf-although in rare cases but well they do happen-is rejected then the shift is excruciatingly painful. Well you might be wondering, why I am talking about heartache while describing my story. I am talking about heartache, being rejected and agonizing shift because


1. Flashback

I still remember the day of the death of my parents and of course the rejection of my so called dear soul mate. He is the soon-to-be Alpha of my pack, the Bloodred pack, I know stupid name but this is what he thought would appropriate and fearsome but oh well, as people say each to their own. Well back to what I am saying, it was my so called mate's seventeenth birthday and I went to give him my birthday present which I thought he would like; it was an Iphone-5.

 I had heard him talk to his friends few days back of how much he wanted it but his dad would not allow him to buy it as he thought it was waste money. On the day of his seventeenth birthday I went to wish him and give his birthday present, he, unlike my brother was nice to me but he was very conscious of his reputation in school as well as in the pack house because he was the soon-to-be Alpha of the pack. I approached him, in order to give him his present -oh! In all this I forgot to introduce my so called mate, Jason Merez, son of Blake and Gabriella Merez.

His parents were and still are till this date very kind people. They treated as if I was their own daughter. Although, my brother was my guardian after the death of our parents but Jason's parents took care of me because my brother was busy torturing and blaming me for the death of our parents. Back to what I was saying, I went to Jason and said, "Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day," when I handed him the present and when our hands touched electric currents shot through us. I felt my wolf surface and took control, I whispered, "You are my mate."He being a reputation conscious guy, caused him to reject me, I still remember his words, "No, you can't be my mate; my mate will be someone who is respected by the pack and not someone who is treated like trash and considered a weakling by the pack. I don't want you by my side, I will find someone who is respected and is considered strong by the pack. So, I Jason Merez soon-to-be Alpha of the Bloodred pack reject you as my soul mate."

Through the mind link he called me to his room that same minute saying he wanted to confess something. I went to his room and he said that, "I hope you can find someone who gives the contentment and the happiness in life that I cannot give you. Hope you can find it in your heart as the time passes to forgive me and your brother because I know he is grieving from the death of your parents but deep down he loves you as sister and well about me, I already love you as mate and as a friend but I can't stand what the pack members are doing to you and what they would've done to you if I would've accepted you as my mate.

So  I am apologizing with the bottom of my heart and wishing that in the future you'd find someone who deserves you because I certainly don't . I will help through your first shift so that you don't have to go through any more pain than you already have and then I suggest you should leave this pack an d find a new one so that you have to go through the pain of seeing your mate with someone else not only that facing the insult and mockery of the pack members."

After hearing what he had to say, I was actually surprised because I thought he act like a cocky jerk considering he is very reputation conscious, although he is a very kind-hearted person but in front of his friends he is the completely different but oh well.  I could feel my surfacing once more and agonizing pain shot through me and I started shaking. I felt strong hands lift me and I felt a warm body, I also felt cool air whizzing past so I thought that that person was running using his wolf speed.

 He suddenly placed me on the rocky ground, I felt my reshaping themselves into a different shape and I felt fur sprouting from my body. I realized that I just went through my first shift and my mate was with me who just rejected me few minutes back. Suddenly I heard my mate, Jason's voice in my head.

"Hey, Mariah can you hear me?" said he

"Yeah Jason I can and thanks for helping through my shift and I am taking up your offer on leaving the pack but I want to officially in front of the pack tomorrow first thing in the morning announce that I am leaving but we shall not talk about being mates in front of the pack than we already have. We will not reveal this whole thing that happened between us to your parents or my brother, because I don't want them think badly of you or me." replied I.

 “I am glad you decided on leaving the pack and you are welcome and are allowed to cross or enter the territory of this pack. Don't forget this that in my eyes you're not weak, ugly, waste space or undeserving like the pack members think of you to be in fact you are the most endearing and beautiful person, on the outside and on the inside. I wish you the very best in life." "Jason I think we should go back but separately." Jason replied

"I think you are right Mariah." said Jason

"Goodnight, Jason and I love you always, hoping we shall meet in the future." I replied.

"Goodnight Mariah, I love you too and yes I too hope that we meet in the future but under better circumstances," I nodded.  

After this exchange we went back to the pack house but separately as planned.

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