Jenna and her best friends are going to High school. But there is a big suprise for them when three very attractive teachers are starting to teach at her school. will Jenna fall in love with one of them?
Read and find out.......


1. Chapter 1

Jenna’s P.O.V.



The stupid alarm clock started to wake me from my peaceful dream. I groaned and sat up on the bed. Then I went to the bathroom and did my business, showered and pick up an outfit. I wore skinny blue jeans, white tank top and plaid button-up shirt. Did my make up which was mascara, eyeliner and pink lip gloss. Then grab my Vans and backpack. I headed to the door when my mom shouted ‘’ Jenny, aren’t you gonna eat your breakfast sweetie? ‘’

‘’ No, mom! I’m goin’ to be late, I love you. BYE ‘’ I shouted and she said bye too. I then went to my car and headed to school. I reached the (JAIL) school and went to my locker, checked my schedule, grabbed the books for History and headed to class. On my way to class I saw my two best friends Ellie and Rosie. ‘’ Hey, girlies! How ya doin’? ’’ I asked the girls that I didn’t see the whole summer ‘cause we went for family holiday to California (well my family is pretty rich)

‘’ Oh my God, Jenny I missed you so much! ’’ Ellie said and hugged me.

‘’ Jen, I missed you so much!!!!!! ‘’ Rosie also said and gave me a bear hug.

‘’ I missed you too! My gurls!!! ‘’ I said to my besties ‘’ Girls, what is your first period? ‘’

‘’ History ‘’ they said in the exact same time, I checked their schedules and saw which periods that we had together.

‘’ OK, so we have 1st, 3rd and 6th periods with Ellie and 1st, 2nd, and 5th with Rosie ‘’ the both squealed and started jumping like 3 year old girls.

The three of us headed to History class. The minutes flew and the new teacher walked in class. ‘’ Hello class, I’m Mr.Malik, you new History teacher. Mr.Knight quit so here I am’’

The teacher or Mr.Malik stood there. ‘’ Any questions? ‘’

The schools slut Angie raised her hand, mr.malik mentioned to her ‘’ How old are you? What is your first name? , Are you single? And Do you know you’re damn sexy? ‘’ she asked

‘’ Now, I’m 23, my first name is Zayn, I’m single and please don’t talk to me in this language again ‘’ mr.malik answered

‘’ Isn’t he damn cute? ’’ Rosie whispered to us. Of course she liked him, who wouldn’t but he isn’t my type.

Mr.Malik started teaching history and we understood everything he was talking about ‘cause he was TALKING unlike Mr.Knight who was SHOUTING the words.

The class went by and the bell ring. ‘’ Rosie can you stay after class?’’ mr.malik asked one of my best friends.

‘’ Of course mr.malik ‘’ Rosie answered.


 Rosie’s P.O.V.

The girls headed out of class ‘’ Rosie come here please ‘’ mr.malik said.

‘’Yes mr.malik? ‘’ I asked as I stood in front of him.

‘’ Look Rosie. I’m gonna say this just once, I saw you with your friends talking in class. I didn’t want to make you ashamed just because you talked in class. ‘’ he said

‘’ Ummm….I’m sorry. I’m not going to make this another time ‘’ I said

‘’ OK… so you can go now. BYE ‘’ I headed out of class, went to my locker and headed to my next class Geography.


Jenna’s P.O.V.

I went to my locker, checked my schedule and saw that my next class is with Rosie. I headed to my Geography class. While sitting on the first row I waited for Rosie to come. Then suddenly someone tapped on my shoulder, I turned around to see Rosie.’’ Well, I think it’s my spot. Right? ‘’ she asked

‘’ Oh, really? Sorry, but this is for my best friend Rosie Stewarts ‘’ I said to her. She smiled at me and sat.

The day went so fast, with the girls we went to lunch and now headed to my English class. Usually Mr. Kendrick is very annoying and also he is the most horrible teacher in the world, THE MOST.  

‘’ Class, I am your new English teacher Mr.Payne ‘’ the voice said, I turned my head to see the SEXIEST man in the world. Those chocolate brown eyes and those lips, OMG! Hey, Jenna stop yourself this is your teacher.’’ Any question?’’

The schools whore Sarah, Angie’s twin sister, raised her hand and mr.payne nodded for her to ask ‘’ How old are you? Are you single? What is your first name? Where do you live? ’’ did I mentioned that she is Angie’s twin sister.

‘’ I’m 23, I’m single, My first mane is Liam and I live on Madison street.’’ Omg omg omg omg omg omg he lives in the same street as me, he is pretty rich to hold a house on our street, oh maybe he is the new neighbour.

I raised my hand ‘’ Mr.Payne why are you teaching? ‘’ I asked

‘’ I love this job and I love to make people learn things so here I am’’ he answered. The class went too fast for me ‘cause I was looking only at Mr.Payne. ‘’ Jenna, can you stay after class? ‘’ the teacher asked I nodded for response , what is this today with this teachers and their staying after class?!?!?

‘’Yes Mr.Payne? ‘’ I said when in the class we were the only ones

‘’I saw you staring at me at the lesson. I hope your listening and not drooling’’ he said

‘’Can I ask you in what I should drool?’’

‘’ Well I am very good looking man ‘’ he said


‘’ Oh really? Sorry but I have to go’’ I said and headed to the door ‘’ And Mr.Payne I was listening’’ with that I got out of the school and then hopped on my car and headed to my house.

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