Teenage Dream

Amy is your typical broken-hearted girl. She once had a chance with her best friend, Ashton, but she messed it up and now they haven't spoken in 2 years. He's just returned from his tour with his band and they asked to meet up. How will he react to seeing her again? Will they be able to heal the wounds of the past and make things work this time?


1. Chapter 1

I flopped back down on the bed. I had spent hours toing and froing between outfits. He wouldn't care how I looked... Would he? It's been 2 years now and we haven't spoken to each other. Sure, he didn't reach out, that must have told you something? Or maybe was it because I broke his heart?

- 2 Years Ago -

"Amelia will you just listen to me?"

"Don't call me Amelia!" I yell.

Ashton paces up and down the room, his hands tangled in his hair. 

"Look... I'm only trying to do what's best for you..."

I spin round and glare at him in disgust.

"What's best for me?" I shriek. "How would you know? You know nothing about me! Just because the nerdy girl from the library finally got the chance to date the boy on the football team, doesn't mean you have any right to barge in and tell me I can't! Ash, you've known me long enough to know that guy means the world to me..."

I walk over to my bedroom window and put my hands on the frame, leaning all my weight against it. 

"It's like.... Just.... Like why do you care? It's not as if you like me or anything?" I sigh. 

I wait for a response, only to be answered by the gentle closing of my door. 



You've gotta be kidding me.

Ashton. My best friend. He likes me? No... I'm wrong. But I can feel it in my gut that I'm not. 

He was fighting for me. Every last bone in his body was trying to pull me back, but he couldn't catch me. It all happened too quickly and I ran too fast for him to catch me. What have I done to Ash...



I run out my bedroom door and bolt down the stairs. I open up the front door and it's raining like there's no tomorrow outside. I don't have time to grab a jacket so I just run down the drive way and out into the street. But he's no where to be seen. Gone. 

I let him slip away. 

I didn't show him what he was really worth. 

I didn't speak up. 

Now he's going on a 2 year tour and I'm gonna loose my only friend in the world...

- Back to Present Day -

This is soo frustrating. Whatever. I'll wear whatever; he'll be too angry to care. I grab my Nirvana top and my red flannel. My ripped skinny jeans were lying under my bed along with my Converse. I look in the mirror and only realise NOW how bad I looked. I quickly whip on some foundation, eye liner, mascara and a bit of red lipstick. I turn the tube over to see where two years previously he had put a sticker on the lid saying "Ash's Favourite :)". I continue to turn it over in my hand til my palms get sweaty. I throw my hair up in a messy bun an inspect myself one last time in my full-body mirror. 

"Ready as I'll ever be!" I breathe out. 

Immediately after I hear the doorbell ring and I feel my heart skip a beat. 

"I'll get it honey!" I hear mom yelling from the kitchen. 

This is it. No turning back now. There was always the window, but that lead to Luke's garden, so there was no real escape. 

Yeah, me and Luke are *were* next door neighbours. That's how I met Ash and the rest of the band. Me and Luke had grown up like brother and sister, since I had none of my own. And as he started having band practices, I used to sit on my widow ledge and listen everyday as twilight fell. One day he asked me to come and listen, so I guess that's where it started.

I hear mom unbolt the front door and the boys chorus "MICHELLE!"  I could pick out their individual voices in any crowd. 

I feel soo scared, he's gonna be soo mad! Well, not that mad if they came to visit me before their parents after being away from home for two years. 

I open my bedroom door and I can already hear Calum telling mom about their amazing time. It's soo weird that I've missed an entire chapter of their lives...

I make my way down the stairs and see all the boys chatting with mom. Except one. 

Ashton stands at the foot of the stairs, his eyes locked on mine. 

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