The Terminator with a soul

T-11 strolled right in to the Resistance but was met with some speculation about his true motives and at first not many people trusted T-11. T-11 does have his problems on his first week that accumulate to what is least expected. This story takes place in the year 2025 right outside of LA. T-11 finds himself falling for a human. Who exactly? Elizabeth Collins, 22 year old, the woman who shot him in the foot.

Now about the problems accumulating.

Started: 7.2.2015

Completed: 7.5.2015 at 9: 44 AM.

Fandom: Terminator.


1. Not much of a welcome

..June 7th, 2025...

...Outside The Resistance base..

I am different. Different from every human inside this base. I do not have a 'normal' last name, background information, parents, siblings, and a normal 'human' first name.  I found the name 'T-11' did it all simple as it could be presenting myself as a person. Now how am I different? I am a Terminator hybrid model 11. For being a hybrid, life is not easy joining the Resistance ranks. My eyes slowly open adjusting to the nightly color of the sky. I awake tied to a flag pole in my trousers hanging upside down.

Damn it.

They did it again.

'They' as in: Bruce Roberts (Tall African American human), Kenny Kent (Short Asian man), Shawn Stewart (Caucasin man with a eye patch), and Benjamin Britchardson.  I sigh turning around towards the pole. I lower myself down towards the ground. How hard am I trying to be friendly with these idiot biased men? I have been tolerating their pranks for so long; well,  just a week.  I decline the hook off the belt then land on the ground.

Note to self; figure  a way to not let the humans take me off my bed.

I get up and pull the flag up.


"Hold it there, buster," Elizabeth Collins said.

I continue pulling it up.

"I said; hold it!" Elizabeth shouts, again.

"I do not take orders from a doubter," I said, taking my hands off the string.

"What did you do to the flag?" Elizabeth asks.

"Nothing," I said, my hands lowered. "Just look up."

I turn around seeing Elizabeth look up.

Time to show I know how to use a weapon, I thought registering the small weapon in her hands being aimed at me. I grab the small hand gun out of Emily's hands. Elizabeth gasps looking down towards me. I take out the magazine from under the small hand gun then drop it to the ground with a frown not many people can applaud at. I never did really understand Washman's odd 'humor' when he tried to teach me how to joke around. Guess I am not the funny guy.

"Watch at who you aim that gun," I said. "Notnevery Terminator wants to spare innocent lives."

I walk past Elizabeth.

"Why were you pulling up the flag?" Elizabeth asks.

"Personal reasons," I said.

"If you had a soul then you will be honest with me!" Elizabeth shouts.

I stop in my tracks,sighing.

"I do have a soul," I said, with my head turned towards the other direction lowered.

"You are a programmed Terminator," Elizabeth said, picking up the gun.  "I do not believe you."

"Then trust me," I said.

"I can't," Elizabeth said, loading the gun up.

Now that is pretty sad.

"Riiight," I said. "I am a Terminator. But for some reason...your Washman friend trusts me," I duck then knock Elizabeth down to her feet. "My hearing is exceptional," I  had my boot under her chin. "Don't do that again to me."

I take my boot off then leave Elizabeth heading back to the barracks.

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