Hogwarts; school of witchcraft and wizardry

Amy, Noa, Bonita, Jonathan, Scorpius and Albus are going to Hogwarts this year. When Albus gets sorted into slytherin, he hears rumors about death eaters and dark wizards. And he knows he has to follow his fathers footsteps to save the school.


1. Amy

It had been a month since my father passed away. He had been waiting for my letter all my life.And a month after he died an owl flew into our living room. In his mouth he carried an envelope. I could see my name written in green ink.
My father would have been so proud. He had been talking about me going to Hogwarts for as long I could remember. Every day when I came back from school we'd sit around the dinner table and he told me all about the wizard world. He told me about dark creatures, deathly poisons, heeling charms and about quiddich. And finally, after years of dreaming about it, I was standing in Diagon Ally.
"Flourish and Blotts is over there." I checked mt pockey once again before I followed my mum. I only had my wand ( 10 inches, with in the core a feather of a Phoenix) for half an hour and I was terrified of losing it. But luckely I felt the tin wand between my fingers. I took a deep breath and followed my mum across the road.
It was quite at Flourish and Blotts. There was no one standind behind the desk. "Hello? Somebody there?"
"Don't be impatient with a grown up... Wizard." I knew my mum was havinf a hard time just standing here. She was a muggle. My dad told her he was a wizard the day before their wedding. She was in shock. But she still married him. And even though she was Always avoiding any sign of magic, she stayed with him.
"What is this?''
''That's a unicorn horn.'' Mum didn't knew how quickly she had to get rid of it. She placed it back on the shelf but accidently threw some big round eye balls off. With a sight she picked them up. She took a good look at them. "Are those real?''
''I don't know, I guess so.'' I was getting a bit annoyed. Wasn't anyone working at this hour?
''Amy.'' My mum said my name softly. But it sounded like sjhe was scared. ''Amy, it's alive.''
''Put that down!'' I said laughing while I took the eyeballs, who were looking around the room, back to their shelves. Somewhere in the corner of my eye I saw the door open but something else got my attention.
''Can I help you?'' Finally someone was standing behind the desk. 
''Yes please.'' I tried to take a step towards the desk but an arm against my collarbones stopped me. I followed the arm and looked into a girl, my age, her blue eyes. She spoke with a standvast high voice. ''Pureblood first.''
There was only one house this girl could belong to, Slytherin. She had the smae evil blue eyes as her father and the same long, dark blonde hair as her mother. They all looked at me like I was nothing.
''Excuse me, ladies.'' The girl took her eyes of me. I saw she wanted to open her mouth to say somthing but I was quicker.
''I want everything that's on this list please.''
''Thank you, Let's go mum.'' I tried not to look at the girl. But I could feel her eyes burning in my back, even when I closed the door behind us. 

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