Encounter with Satan

Well its a story about a rebellious child who meets Satan.


1. The Encounter

"Am I allowed to live?" said Daniel while shaking all over. His heart was jumping and he thought that it’s going to come out from his body.
Of course this should be a normal reaction when you see a hideous and disgusting looking being standing in front of you with a big smile on his face showing his yellow pointed teeth, with blood coming out of his evil eyes and his long nose almost touching your face since he was that close to Daniel. This hideous and disgusting thing was none other than the king of all evil 'Satan' himself!

One day ago when the night was still young, Daniel was roaming the streets of Blackfeather. He was a rebellious kid of average height and average face. The only thing he was good at was just cursing his parents. He was their only child and they loved him dearly. But he couldn't figure that out and always rebelled. This was the case every day.


"God help me! Somebody help me!" he heard this coming from far away but the scream was very loud. And instead of going there to help this poor guy, he chose the opposite direction and started walking while mumbling "If god isn't helping you then ask Satan for help....."


This was how he used to think. This was his mindset, and this was what he believed in. He didn't have faith in God and he didn't have faith in Satan either. He just thought that it would be fun to say those words.


After returning to his small house, he directly went to his room. The story books and cloths were just lying there in an unorganized way as if waiting for Daniel to come and take them to their destination. Daniel just lies there and just sleeps cursing the world and its people without any reason.


The sun rises up and shines its light on Daniel's face waking him up in the process. Its looks like he forgot to close the window before sleeping last night. It was already 10 am. There was no school today since it was Sunday. When he opened the door of his room, his breakfast was lying there. It seemed like his mother didn't want to talk to him, or it could be that she didn't want to ruin his mood. He just took his breakfast and just hurriedly stuffed his mouth like a wild dog who has been hungry for 3 days. Again he went to bed and just lied there thinking the reason for his existence. And then he fell asleep again. Then after waking up, he realized that half of the day has been passed and its evening.


"Hello there!"


What was that voice he wondered. There should be no one in his room except for him. Then what was that voice?


"You are Daniel, right?"


When Daniel turned his angry face to the left side, he saw something which was not from this world. He was about to let out a scream but then that thing moved from its place and put his right red hand on Daniel's mouth.


"Shh. Don't scream or I'll crush your vocal cords."


Said the thing which was now grinning from ear to ear. Its face's color was dark read, he had pointy ears and yellow pointy teeth. A hideous appearance which would make you want to puke when you see it. An appearance which would strike fear into your heart the moment you see it. An appearance which would make you think that it is not from this world. It had dark horns. Its attire consisted of a black coat which gave of black smoke. The thing gave off pure evil vibes.


"How rude of me, I haven't even introduced myself. I am Satan, it’s a pleasure to meet you."


Although the words it chose seemed to be courteous, but anyone who would hear them know that they were just fake. Then Satan removed his hand from Daniel's lips who was shaking all over and tears formed in his shocked eyes.


"A-are you here to take my life? Please spare me!" said Daniel in a voice which was like someone's who was about to seeing death.


"No you misunderstood. I have chosen you to fulfill my tasks since I'm pretty lazy"

Said the Satan with a mischievous tone and a malicious look. Then he stood up and created some distance between himself and Daniel because he knew that if he were to continue to be that close to him, then most likely, Daniel might departure from this world because of fear and excitement.

Although Satan was someone who didn’t really care about people, all he could think was how to have fun or how to manipulate people into doing things he wanted them to do

“W-what do you mean? Why did you come here? Why did you choose me? Are you really Satan?” asked Daniel, a human who was experiencing something which not any other human had ever experienced, a supernatural phenomenon.

Hmm well I think that I should answer your questions. I came here because weren’t you the one who wanted to see me?”

Indeed this was the case, deep down Daniel didn’t believe in God, but he did believe is Satan. Why? He himself didn’t know the reason, but he just had a strong belief that Satan existed.

Why did I choose you? Well, I think because you are a pretty interesting kid. You hate your parents’ faces don’t you? You don’t love any other human except for yourself right? You want to do something which shall harm others right? Oh and by the way, God exists.”

The boy listened to the supernatural being really carefully. He still wasn’t able to grasp the whole situation. But what he knew was that if he tried to do something other than keeping his ears open, he might die. But the last sentence that Satan said made Daniel shiver. He had not believed in God all his life and now, the thing which disobeyed God was sitting in front of him with an unforgettable smile. What will he do now? Everyone knows that God punishes evil, and those who do evil things directly departure to hell when they die. Now, when the root of all evil was right in front of him, and is asking him that he chose him, and that thing also know everything about Daniel, so now, what should he do?

“What do you want me to do? You know everything about me, and the fact that you are a supernatural being scares me to death. Plus, I didn’t believe in God so it’s useless to turn to him and ask for help. Am I allowed to live?” said the boy in a calm voice.

Ha-ha you are a pretty clever human aren’t you? It will be such a waste to not use you. You’re right, the reason I know everything about you is because even when you had a normal life, even when you were never tortured, even when you were not treated harshly by your parents, you turned out like this. You became a person who is able to see me!”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s pretty simple. The reason you can see me is because even though you are a human, there doesn’t exist any humanity in you. Yesterday, you heard the voice of a person who was screaming for help from God or from someone else right? Well that was an illusion I casted on you to test you and know if there is any humanity in you. But there isn’t any hahahahaha.  There was no expression on your face, it was the same angry face. And at that moment I was sure. I was sure that there is no kindness left in you. In other words you’re just a devil in human’s skin. And that’s why I decided to choose you to be my follower!”

“What if I refuse your offer of becoming your so-called follower?”

Then I’ll possess you and control your body and tore off that soft red flesh from your body, and make you feel the intense pain and suffering, and after you die, take you to hell with me hahahaha!”






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