It's You...

In the province, everything is normal and peaceful until teenagers are dying one by one. The story begins in a group of seven friends, where mysteries are surrounding them. Will one of them survive? Or all of them died in vain?

(English is not my native tongue, so I apologize about my grammar errors, and this is my first story)


1. Chapter One: Calm Before The Storm

In the peaceful province, seven teenagers were walking through the rocky road in ease. After all, they got used to it by living in a rural area. Their high school was placed near the woods, where a rumor started that there's an old man living in the hut, curing, who got possess by an evil spirit. But anyway, most of the villagers never believed it but most do. The seven teenagers were chatting, arguing, and listening...

"Could you please stop looking in the mirror?! What are you, a gay!?" Said Jose, annoyed looking at Laurence, whom was fixing his shoulder-lenght, curly, black hair through his small, round mirror. He hurrumped and continued to fix his hair, and then he stopped fixing his hair while he glared at Jose. Jose had messy, short, black hair that looked like he got out of bed, which was very true, and he looked like he didn't sleep at all because he had panda eyes. They wore white, collared, school uniform and light brown colored pants, which was for boys while the girls had the same top, but they have long-knee, blue skirt instead of pants. Instead of black, leather shoes with white socks, which the rural didn't afford to buy it, they wore flipflops.

"Excuse me, my dear mother told me that I should leghten my hair long because I look fabulous! Right, dear Ryan?" Said Laurence while he looked behind his back. Unfortunately for both Jose and Laurence, they were standing side by side in chance, which they weren't a happy teenager. Behind them were Bryan and Ryan, which they were brothers, and they were walking side by side. Ryan flinched when Laurence called him, and then he shyly looked at him and nodded as his answer. The brothers walking posture were different. Bryan was bouncing while walking, and he hummed enthusiastically in every step he took. Ryan was shy and timid, always looking on the ground, watching his step carefully. When Laurence called him, he stopped looking on the ground though because he got Laurence attention by calling his name.

"See, he agreed!" Exclaimed Laurence while looking at Jose, triumphanty. Jose snorted.

"Yeah, right...You look sissy with the hair of yours." Retorted Jose.

"Excuse me, take that back! My hair is glossy, silky, manly, and beautiful! At least my hair isn't look like a bird's nest like yours." Laurence harrumped while looking away.

"Pardon?! It's your damn fault why my hair looks like this! You screw my alarm clock when we have our so-called slumber party! I didn't even brush my hair while you just drag me away!" Shrieked Jose.

"Umm...guys?" Ryan said meekly, trying to let his courage out to stop them. Bryan stopped humming and snickered instead, and then he patted his little brother's shoulder. Ryan looked at his brother curiously, and Bryan only shook his head, and then looked at Ryan.

"Let their sexual tension out, Ryan." Adviced Bryan wisely. Bryan had short, black hair, which he gelled it and turned spiky while Ryan only had short, black hair, which wasn't gelled, but he looked normal instead.

"We are not Homosexual!!!" Shouted Jose and Laurence in unison while they turned in synched, glaring at Bryan. When they noticed that they were in synched, Jose and Laurence glared each other heatedly, and you can see lighting in their eyes and dark aura coming out. Ryan meeped and hide behind his brother's back, peeking nervously at them while Bryan only laughed.

"They really get along each other pretty well!" Commented Bryan.

"No. We. Are. Not!!!" Shouted Jose and Laurence in unison once again while glaring daggers at Bryan.

"Idiot...We are going to be late. Let's go ahead, Rowena." Said Jeniffer. Jeniffer had long, black, curly hair as she swiftly walked ahead, leaving the boys behind. A little while earlier, the girls were behind Bryan and Ryan, walking side by side. Behind the girls was Michael. Michael had short, black, curly hair with glasses perched upon his nose, walking a few meters away from the girls earlier. Now, the gap was getting wider.

"W-wait!!" Whispered Rowena, and she quickly followed Jeniffer. Rowena had straight, long, black hair with a red-head band adored on top of her head. While running away, she turned back and waved at them in good-bye, and then she soon followed Jeniffer. Ryan saw her gesture and waved shyly too late. At least he acknowledged them while his other friends began to bicker, or his brother only laughed at them and commented them about being a couple while Michael stayed aloof. Ryan knew they will be late. Again. And another bickering friends will soon be followed and a detention.

(= ^ - ^ = )

While the four boys arrived, there was a ruckus going around in their school's entrance. Jose, Laurence, and Bryan quickly ran to know what's going on. Ryan and Michael were left behind, walking calmly side by side.

"I wonder what's going on..." Wondered Ryan out loud.

"I don't know..." Shrugged Michael, replying him.

( = ^ - ^ = )

When Ryan and Michael arrived, finally found their group of friends, staring in shock. The two got curious, and they quickly walked to see what's going on. When they finally near them and saw the view, it was a shock to behold! Their janitor in school was hunged on the three, a rope tied upon his neck. His face was black and blue that they didn't even recognized, but they knew it was their janitor because of a large mole near his nose, blood dripping on his mouth, nose, and head. His hair was matted with crimson blood, his white shirt was covered by blood and mud, and there's a knife stuck on his chest, near his once beating heart, his eyes were wide open and his lips either with an "o" like he was screaming until death while his tongue was sticking out, his denim jeans had tiny holes and covered by crimson red, and his once, white rubber shoes was mixed with ruby, red blood and mud. Underneath the corpse, suspending in mid-air was a pooled of blood, still dripping.

"Oh My God!!" Gasped Ryan in shock, not believing what he was seeing. Michael only looked away calmly, and Jeniffer noticed them arriving, narrowing her eyes towards Michael in suspicion. Rowena was crying silently, tears dripping on her cheeks in sadness and shivering in fear. Jeniffer noticed her, and then she hugged her in comfort. Rowena accepted her offer while she hugged back, hiding her face on Jeniffer's shoulder as she began to sob loudly. Jeniffer soothed her by running her hand in a small circle, gently on Rowena's back. Bryan was biting his lips while shaking in wrath, angry that someone killed the poor Janitor while watching the corpse, and he was sad at the same time, clutching his fists tightly in silent anger. Laurence and Jose closed their eyes in pity while looking away from the corpse, fists clenching tightly in silent anger either . The most scary thing was...there's a messege on the bark of the tree, written in blood and readable, "YOU'RE NEXT..."

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