The Hoods

Hi. I'm celine. I have black hair and brown eyes. Im 17. I'm moving back to Australia with my mum and brother. I'm adopted I'm really from Tokyo, Japan. My brother is Michael Clifford.


1. I'll be on the 1st flight home

Hi guys it's madyson here and I'm not from Tokyo fyi. Lol. This is my first movella ever but I made a story on watt pad.

ínѕtαgrαm- ⓢⓘⓜⓟⓛⓨⓧⓜⓐⓓⓨ





fσllσw mє guчѕ σr tєхt mє!

вtw.. thєrєѕ prσfαnítíєѕ αnd ѕєхuαl cσntínєt ѕσ í ѕuggєѕt íf чσur 12 and чσungєr.but I know some children are stubborn so чσu cαn rєαd thє ѕtσrч вut íf ítѕ ѕєхuαl thєn íll tєll чσu tσ ѕkíp thє chαptєr. wєll wíthσut furthєr α duє wєlcσmє tσ ⓉⒽⒺ ⒽⓄⓄⒹⓈ.


Flight 18 will be boarding off shortly. I was walking as fast as my short legs could take me. "I cannot miss this flight Chris!" I basically screamed in my phone. "Dude where are you by?" Chris asked while laughing.

"im by the bathrooms." I told him." The male ones?" Chris asked. " WHAT THE FUCK, YOU EXPECT ME TO BE BY THE MALE BATHROOM CHRIS!? I yelled in the phone. *planes will be boarding off in 2 minutes* "yeash, sorry wait I see you!" Chris said he hung up the phone and ran up to me and hugged me. I hugged back. "Im going to miss you celinebear." Chris said hugging tighter. "im going to miss you cbreezy!" I said laughing. I SEE YOUR FLIGHT GO GO GOOO!" Chris screamed in my ear while grabbing my bags. We made it in time. Chris helped me and gave me one final hug."celine, FaceTime or text me when you get home. Chris said then walked off the plane. "1st flight to Sydney, Australia." And the plane boarded off into the air. I decided to go on my Apple laptop and go on clothing websites. I ordered 2 rompers, 2 shorts that stops mid-thigh, 4 crop tops and Galaxy vans because it's hot as fuck in Australia. I decided to buy and arrow ring and sent an best friend charm to Chris. ( nobody take this offensive) he is gay so I decided to get him the blue and velvet heart peice. After hours of shopping. I went to sleep knowing that i will have to be the new girl at school. Ughhh.

hєч guчѕ whαt díd чσu guчѕ thínk σf mч fírѕt chαptєr. í tríєd rєαllч hαrd σn thíѕ chαptєr ѕσrrч íf ít wαѕ ѕhσrt. í wαѕ wαtchíng αnnєвєllє whílє wrítíng thíѕ. αnnєвєllє nєєdѕ jєѕuѕ.lσl.σkαч íll mαkє αnσthєr chαptєr tσníght guчѕ. í lσvє чσu kαwαííѕ♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ).

ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ mαdчѕσnヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

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