The Dance Lesson

Mia is a freshly turned 20 year old who desperately wants to do ballet...but is terrified of it. That doesn't stop her for entering a ballet studio on her 20th birthday in the hopes of gaining dance lessons.


1. The Dance Lessons

Freshly turned 20 year old Mia doesn’t want to do ballet. When her mother had told her that ballerina’s feet get bad when they’re older, she had looked it up on the web to see what her mother had meant. What she saw horrified her. Bleeding, cracked feet after years and years of practice…it looked like torture. And Mia was never one for pain of any kind. But for her 20th birthday, which was fast approaching, she had tentatively asked her mother to take her for a dance lesson. She was still curious, you see, even with the threat of pain she had watched ballerinas all her life, and she figured for turning twenty she would do the one thing she always promised herself not to do. She would dance. Her mother took her to the nearest dancing facility which was four and a half hours away. Normally, Mia took herself places, but today she would need her mother’s support, in case she got too overwhelmed. She and her mother drove in a classic 1969 Chevy pick-up, and entered the city. They eventually reached the building, and her mother halted her as she opened up the door. “You don’t have to do this,” Kind, chocolate eyes implored that they loved her and was willing to take her back home, or shopping-which was their backup plan for the day. Mia swallowed hard, and hugged her mother. “I have to,” She whispered. She released her mother and then opened the car door. It was agreed that her mother would wait in the car for a couple of hours. If she called, her mother would be there immediately. But Mia wanted to try on her own, to a point, her first ever dance lesson. Mia entered the dancing room. Many young lithe ladies were moving in circular forms, stretching, or leaning against the wall and drinking bottled water. Then she saw that there were also men there, dancing. Some were handsome. It threw her, she hadn’t known that men could be ballerina’s too. Was there another term for male ballerina’s? She didn’t know. “May I help you? I am the dancing instructor, Todd Delarson.” The most handsome man she’d ever seen stepped in front of her, and her heart stuttered as she stared up at him. “I want to learn to dance,” She whispered, and he raised an eyebrow. “Have you ever danced before?” He inquired. She mutely shook her head, unable to speak the answer. She was aware she was out of her league. She shouldn’t have come. She turned, and was heading to go, when Todd grasped her arm lightly. The friction took her by surprise, and she twisted to look at him. “I didn’t say you couldn’t dance, you know.” His baby blue eyes sparkled, and his mouth twisted into a smile. “I can tell you’re a bit overwhelmed, but there’s really nothing to be frightened about. We don’t bite,” The joke startled a weak laugh out of her, and he grinned. “There, that’s what I like to see. A smile. Now, Marissa-can you please put on…hmm, let’s see. What would you lot recommend?” He questioned to the women and men that had approached. “Whattaya Want From Me by Pink,” A girl with curly brown hair suggested from the back. Todd’s eyes lit up. “Perfect choice, Lois!” He called out. “Someone put it on, please. We’ll see just how talented our little dancer is,” He said, grinning at her. “I’ve never danced, though,” Mia said, startled. Todd chuckled. “You can dance to music, right? Well, dance to the song, and we’ll see how much work you need. It can be considered your first lesson. For private lessons without an audience, that costs extra.” Todd said with a wink. She blushed crimson. Music began to play, and everyone scattered to the walls to give her room. Todd gestured for her to begin, and Mia took a breath. She had seen ballerina’s dancing on youtube and on movies that she’d watched from time to time, and she’d memorized some of the movies. She took a tentative step… And then she was moving. There was utter silence, aside from Pink singing in the background, as she danced lightly to the song, flexing her muscles and discovering just how dancing could be so… Intimate with herself. She’d never thought that it could do that-make her feel intimate with her own body. Of course, it was very strange, and she wasn’t used to it. Tilt, turn, twirl, step, step, lift, and leap. She danced, and- Pink changed into Frankie Goes to Hollywood, making everyone look at the girl with amusement. Lois flushed. “What? Relax is one of my favorites!” She protested. Todd shook his head, and smiled. “It’s ours too, Lois. I can’t think of anyone that doesn’t like Relax. It’s just not exactly dancing music. At least, not OUR type of dancing music, traditionally.” “Who cares about tradition? And besides, with Little Miss All Natural here, I’m sure she could even dance to Frankie,” Lois said, smirking. Mia blinked. “You think I’m a natural?” She asked, doubtfully. “Darling? If you weren’t already clearly nervous and told me several times that you’ve never danced, I would think you were lyin’. You’re one of the most natural dancers that I’ve ever seen. While it’s clear you need a little pointers, you’re very good at ballet. How’d you like more lessons? Free of charge?” Todd added. Mia’s mouth dropped open, and he chuckled. Twenty minutes later, she was leaving the building, in a daze. She hadn’t thought she’d get into one of the most talked about dancing schools, and now here she was…a new student! She told her mother who beamed. “Oh, Mia that’s wonderful! I’m so proud of you! How about to celebrate you’re fantastic accomplishment we go out for pizza?” Her mother offered, and Mia smiled. It looked like the dancing lesson was a success. And in more ways than she had ever dreamed, she thought as she opened up the small folded sheet of paper that turned out to have Todd’s personal number and facebook link on it, and the question- You want to dance you’re way to the coffee shop with me? Smiling, Mia put the note back into her purse, and prepared to have a wonderful evening with her supporting and beautiful mother, before preparing to head back home. Mission accomplished. Happy birthday, Mia. == End
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