"The world is a book , those who do not travel read only one page... "


1. -Lost in the right direction-

"Like all great travelers, Astoria Grwen has seen more than she could remember, and remember more than she has seen . No more than a lost wanderer, she goes wherever her feet takes her , with a heart full of love and a mind full of curiosity-fulfilling her expectation , they took her to places , strange kingdoms and new worlds and more...."

Astoria is walking through the woods , traveling deeper into the dark as the light of late sunset is dripping away from her ash light hair.She always wanders but she doesn't always get lost, sometimes, she goes to places not knowing where she is but she can always comes back .Always.
So once again , trusting her feet as they walk her through deeper into the dark forest. Hoping they will lead her to somewhere interesting. It is very dark, pitch dark,actually, she can't see a thing ,but believing in her destination, she keeps on walking. She tries walking in a straight line , while her hands are touching and feeling everything they can to give her some kind of awareness of her surroundings, they thread through what seems to be tree branches and twigs .
Suddenly a wind blows across her face , blowing dirt and sands, dust to her eyes. She falls down to her knees as someone hits her with one of a very strong tree branch , the her hands thead through just now.
She was unconscious , laying on the ground hopelessly .... . She is back- where she started -near a rail road that leads to the forest ...
12 AM 
And her mind wanders
She tends to think about 
Something that happened
5 years ago or something
That happened 2 hours ago
Or something that could 
Happen 10 years from now 
Her mind is like a hurricane 
It's a wreck
It's full of beautiful yet
Awful thoughts
It's 1 AM and her mind 
continues to wander ....

_Author's note_
This is my first story so i am trying to gain more experiences from this . Please share your thoughts about the story so far. I really appreciate it. :) Thanks

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