Beginning of a book from when i was like 12

Just the beginning of a story I never took any farther. I wrote it wen I was in middle school I think and I like the idea of the datalog. If you think i should try to reboot such an idea please let me know!


1. Just a fun story

     Datalog- Preface- an introductory section at the beginning of a book that comments on aspects of the text such as the writer's intentions, with the Datalog itself being a book, its writers would like this preface to help you understand what the Datalog is. As you may already know this is the third edition of the electronically run database that automatically streams information to our customers via an earpiece which picks-up and locates specific words which pop up in conversation. This third edition has everything updated from different records around the world regularly. You can see that these, for your own benefit, are mentioned at the end of each set of records. But, we as a company must make it known that most of the information found in this cornucopia of knowledge found in this database are copyright due its respective owners. We at the company would also like to thank both all our fans out there for the continuous support of us and our wonderful leaders of our great country, the alphatyranits, for there generous donation out of the generosity of their………


     The power of the earpiece ticked off, “God I hate how long it takes for that damn thing to turn off,” said the listener of the machine with a soft voice.

     “It’s ok, you get used to the way the book always eats out of the alphas hands,” Answered a deeper voice, one that seemed slightly used in a way, “you could always have Zack reprogram it once he shows up newbie”

     “Zack?” the newbie asked feeling like an idiot.

     “Really, do they even screen people now before they join the resistance?” said the elder with more than a hint of sarcasm. After realizing he hadn’t gotten any spur out of the young man, he sighed and continued, “Zack Runer, the technology wizard for the resistance, he’s the reason why we use Datalog. He can program them so we communicate with each other through a radio system in the earpieces.”

     “Oh,” said the youngster, who still not quite understanding what was going on but he conceded, knowing that he would figure it out soon enough.

     Now this conversation wasn’t taking in some fancy penthouse in a hotel but, like others of the most important conversations in the universe, in a less ideal area. In this case, a rundown shanty, possibly an old restaurant, in a ghost town located on the outskirts of a so-called metropolis. To be more specific, the Alphatyranits parent city, known as protégé. This conversation marks the meeting of the leader of the resistance and a young trainee that would soon change his life.


     Datalog- The Records- A book supposedly created at the beginning of time. This book was found in a small room under a charred table in the basement of a run down castle. Remarkable it was found blank, a large book filled with thousands of empty pages. When found the cover of the book resembled worn animal flesh, the words of its title, which where written in several languages, some not even know to us, the creators of Datalog, seemed etched into the cover as opposed to printed. Shocked, the founders of the book noted that the night after the book was found there were a couple thousand pages full in the book. As it was obvious that no man could have written that much in a single night, the founders brought the book to the leaders of the kingdom. Upon viewing the book they realized many things, one being that the book automatically filled itself with the records of all kingdoms at that period in time along with all the things known about the world at that time. Also they learned of several plans from bordering countries in efforts to overtake them. This knowledge lead to a great war as possession of the book glided from one country to the next, the war spread, getting larger, encompassing the whole country. During this war the book was lost and from this day remains so, believed for the greater good.

Courtesy of The Fables of Oaklore

Book by Edward Messenar

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