A dreaming adventure

Olivia is a normal girl leading a normal life. She doesn't love anyone but Jordan, a knight from a medieval themed book. But Jordan doesn't have a happily ever after. Can she enter his world and save him?


1. The story

I woke up, like a normal person, went to school like a normal person of sixteen -my age- and came home like a normal person. I didn't want to be a normal person though. I wanted to be in "The battle of thrones", my all time favourite book. Most of all I wanted Jordan. I never admitted this, but he was my only love. Except, we couldn't be together. Why? Because I was  flesh and bone, whilst he was words on paper. Yes,Jordan is a knight from a fairy tale. Don't judge me, readers. No way can we be together.Unless... no, it can't happen and besides, he is betrayed and killed. I just wish, somehow, I could save him.

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