First Fall ....

its a complicated love story between two three young adult , Savanna ,and Adam ,and Josef .
they will have some issues during their daily life ,just to win the heart of an young beautiful , mysterious girl ....... Savanna .


1. chapter 1

it was the last day in college . savanna dressed so well for he last day .Savanna is an ordinary girl like any girl ,but there is something that happens in the past that affect her and affect her life ,but after a lot of effort finally ,she is good now . she was walking in the street and was staring at the cute little puppies and suddenly she heard ,"carful ,please get out of the way ,GET OUT OF THE WAY ......" .when she looked forward she saw a guy riding in his skating board ,,and he was screaming at her but she didn't heard him        well and then he fell at her and the got deep inside the mud. they froze for minute staring at each others eye.     he has the most beautiful blue green eyes you've ever seen,  thought savanna .she had the most beautiful  hazel eyes I've ever seen,  thought Adam.l 

he got up an helped savanna to stand ,"I'm so sorry ,wait i shouldn't say that ,you are the one who should be sory ,i tried to tell you to get out of the street a million times but you didn't .." "what are you saying ,look at me now I'm full of mud ,how can you explain that ,and you get a year to get off me and now your shouting well Excuse me of not hearing you mr ."they stared at each other madly for a second and the adam start to laugh as loud as he can .savanna was so mad at him and said :"oh really you can laugh right now hah , and  now hat ?. look at me I'm so muddy an dismal bad ,all of this because of you and now your laughing, such a gentleman ."he felt  bad and said:"look I'm sorry let me take you time and then i will take you clothes for dry cleaning and i will pay for it ,ok .were good now ?".she agreed and went home with him .when they arrived she thought to herself how would i know that he won't get at my house at night and kidnaped me or steal something from my house ."i won't trust me .""what ,i was thinking out loud right ?"she said ."yes you are ., i won't ,give me your phone number so i can call you to tell you about the clothes ."said adam ."okay write ,********,so i didn't got you name ?"said savanna ."my name is adam you ?"."I'm savanna ,so not nice to meet you adam ".l   




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