J, B, and C

Isabelle, also known as Izzy is about to have a summer that she won't forget. She lives across the street from her two best friends, who also help her embarrass herself in front of their friend who she is secretly crushing on. The summer brings a turn of events and fast forwards into the future when Izzy is dealt a hard hand of cards and she has to decide what she is going to do.


1. Chapter One

Chapter One


    There was this moment one time, when I was sitting in my favorite spot. It was Saturday and I was sitting on my window seat that had a baby pink and white polk a dotted seat cover on it. I was sitting and I was reading my favorite book while blocking out the world around me. I blocked out the chopping noise of my dad cutting vegetables down stairs, the washing machine making an almost ocean like noise, and the neighbor boys were throwing a football to one another across the street. I dont know what compelled me to look up, some would call it fate, others would call it a moment before you get burned by the sun.  I just finished chapter eighteen and I looked up across the street and saw Jax and Brandon playing basketball.  It was always those two. They were brothers, Jax being one year older than Brandon. I was ten and Jax was eleven and Brandon was ten.  I was young for the fifth grade and Jax was the oldest in his class. 


    Jax had shaggy brunette hair with eyes that were so dark brown, they almost matched the black in the middle.  He had long dark eyelashes that touched his cheekbone when he blinked and a tiny dimple in his right cheek when he really smiled. Brandon was the complete opposite. He had bleach blonde hair with green eyes and eyelashes were short, but still so dark that they made his eyes stand out like nothing I’ve ever seen before. They were both starting basketball in fall in Middle School, so they were practicing as much as  they could before then. 


 Our parents were neighbors before him and I were even born. We were those kids who grew up together, we took baths together, were on the same soccer team, took vacations with our parents. Brandon had been my best friend since day one.  He caught be looking up from my book and nodded at me and then shot a three pointer and it went in with a swish. I didn't have to be outside with them to hear it, the sound automatically played in my head.  I smiled to myself and laughed a little laugh before going back to my book. And then I heard a honk, I looked out the window again and saw a black car pull up.  The windows were slightly tinted so couldn’t see a face which only made me more curious. It was the first week of summer and cars had been speeding by while they blasted their music and the seniors who lived around me were having late graduation parties.  I had gotten used to noise around me but I saw a car pull up out of the corner of  my eye and park in front of Jax and Brandons house, I stopped what I was doing.  I squinted a little bit and watched the cars break lights turn on before they turned off. 


    And that was it. It was like slow motion. The passenger side door swung open and there was a figure who stepped out. He had on a pair of kakhki shorts and a baby blue t-shirt that had a pocket on the left side.  The side of his face showed off his definite jawline so beautifully I swore I lost my breath.  His hair was short, just touching his ears on the side but it hung a little low in the front and it was brown with hints of blonde.  I couldn’t tell the color of his eyes, but I wanted to believe they were blue like his shirt, if not bluer. I closed the driver’s side door of the car and then walked around the front of the car and up the driveway to Jax and Brandon. I could’t help myself, I just stared at him.  It was if he had a force pulling me in.  I watched as he walked up to Brandon to give him a bro hug and then Jax a fist bump.  Jax caught me looking and he gave me a confused smile while waving at me again and then Brandon and the boy turned around and looked over their shoulders.  I took a breath and hid back behind my curtain and looked at my book.  My heart was beating so fast out of my chest I thought it was going to break through my window and hit the boy right in his face. The car pulled away from the curb and suddenly Jax’s driveway was in full view and I could see the three boys standing there talking.


I couldn’t help but wonder what his name was. I’ve had crushes on boys before in kindergarten and such, but they went away like a cold. This was different. I closed my book and walked down stairs to get a better look through my living room window.  


“Hi honey,” my mom said who was sitting on the couch reading a book herself. 

“Hey mom,” I smiled at her quickly before kneeling the couch in front of the window that looked straight out at Jax’s house.


“Is there a reason why you’re intently staring out the window and leaving fog marks on the window from your breath?” she raised an eyebrow at me and folded over the corner of her page in her book.


“Hm?” I said not taking my eye off the window.  The boy had his hands in his pockets with his back to me and him and the boys were laughing really hard. I wondered what they were laughing at and if I would think it was funny too. 


“Sweetie…?” My mom said in a louder voice.


“Yeah?” I said taking a break from staring to look at her.


“What are you looking at?” she looked at me like there was something wrong.  My mom always had the tendency to think something was wrong.  She was a worrier, but she loved me more than anyone I knew, well besides my dad too.


Oh, I was just looking….” I tried to rack my brain for a legitimate excuse, “I was just waiting for the mail.  Elise was supposed to mail me something and it hasn't gotten here yet.” I looked back out the window but I did not look at the mailbox.


“Well the mail man came by about an hour ago. Why don’t you go out and check?” she said redirecting her attention back to her book. 


Go…outside? Where HE was? I suddenly felt like I was going to throw up. 


“Y-y-yeah, okay. I’ll do that…” I said slowly standing up. I walking around the couch and went to the front door.


“I will go outside….to the mailbox…because I am expecting something…so thats where I’ll go…outside…” I said smiling through my teeth. 


“Sweetie, are you sure everything is okay? You’re acting weird.” My mom said looking at my once more.


“Hm? Oh yeah. Everything is great…” I said. 


I walked to the front door and took a breath and then opened it up. I looked over to the boys who were still talking. I was in the clear, they haden’t even noticed I was outside. I walked over to the mailbox quickly for two reasons.  One: I was afraid that Jax would see me and then say something embarrassing to me and two: it was so hot outside the pavement making up my driveway burned my feet. I made it safely to the mailbox and opened it up. I grabbed the letters and then shut it. I turned around to make a fast walk break back to my front door before I heard,




I turned around and saw Jax, Brandon and the boy staring at me.

“Hey,” I waved shyly. 


It was as if suddenly Jax and I were strangers and I lost all feeling in my fingertips and toes.  My tongue became sand paper and my sentences in my head had became alphabet soup. 


“This is Izzy. Well her full name is Isabelle but you can call her Izzy. We’ve known each other literally before we were born.” Jax said looking at the boy and then me.


“This is Conrad,” Jax said elbowing the boy.


“Hey,” he smiled at me and nodded his head.


I stood there and looked at him. I really looked at him. His eyes were blue, just like I hoped. I could see them from across the road.  


“Hey I’m Izzy,” I said quietly. I wasn’t entirely sure if he could hear me but if I repeated myself then I would look like an even bigger idiot than I was making myself out to be. 


“Hey,” he said again.


“Conrad came over cause hes gonna camp out with Brandon and me in our backyard,” Jax said proudly like it was the coolest thing he’s ever gotten to do. 


“That sounds awesome,” I said with a twinge of jealously.  Jax and and Brandon always did cool adventurous stuff like that and every time I asked to join them they would always tell me, 


“No girls allowed.”


When I was really little I would run to my mom and tattle, but as I’ve gotten older my mom found it to be immature and it never worked anyways.


“We’d ask you to join in….but…” Brandon looked at me with a sympathetic look on his face. 


“No girls allowed,” I said through weak fake smile.


“Are you gonna cry Izzy?” Jax started to joke with me.


They would always joke about how I would cry and make a big deal out of things. 


“Izzy’s gonna cry…” he elbowed Brandon and Conrad and started to laugh.


“No she's not, are you Izzy?” Brandon looked at me. 


“No, I’m not.” I said with a stern look on my face. 


“You sure about that Iz?” Jax said and he started wiggling his eyebrows up and down.


“Yes I’m positive.” I crossed my arms over my chest. As I did, I could feel my heart beating super fast and I knew it was because of Conrad. 


“Izzy can be a cry baby,” Jax rolled his eyes and turned to Conrad who was standing with his hands in his pockets with a smile on his face.


“Yeah, she cries about everything,” Brandon chimed in and rolled his eyes.


“No I do not!” I stomped my foot on the hot pavement. 


This is exactly why I didn’t want to come outside. I knew they were going to make fun of me.


“I think I see tears….” Jax said with a smirk on his face.


I could feel tears starting to well up in my eyes. 


“Izzy is a cry baby, Izzy is a-“


“Just leave her alone,” Conrad said cutting off Jax’s little short song making fun of me.


“What?” Jax turned to Conrad with a confused look on his face as to why Conrad was defending me. 


“Just leave her alone J.” Conrad said giving me an apologetic smile.


I smiled back and then turned to Jax andstuck my tongue out at him. 



“Whatever. We’re gonna go start setting up our tent and stuff. Bye Izzy.” Jax said and he gave me a short wave and turned around.


“See ya Iz.” Brandon said turning around too to follow Jax like he always did.


I waved to them and then watched Conrad turn around to follow them too.  I let out a breath of happiness.  


I turned around and started walking up my driveway to go back to the house.


I turned back around while I was walking to get one more look of Conrad, but just as I did I saw him turn around to look over his shoulder too.  


He smiled at me once more,


“Goodnight Isabelle.” he said and then jogged back to catch up to Jax and Brandon.


And just like that I knew I was in love. 




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