The Tutor L.H.

Summer Wambach is a girl that usually gets in trouble and doesn't get good grades. She lives in a foster home and her being the only tough one there is rough. What if one day Mr. Patch makes Summer get a tutor and its the one and only Luke Hemmings has to tutor her?


1. Trouble

I ran right out of the orphanage before Mrs. Blackmore could get a hold of me. I got into a fight with a blond girl there that decided to make fun of me so, I punched her out cold. "Summer!!" I heard Mrs. Blackmore yell after me.

"Sorry I have to go to school!" I yelled not looking back. I put down my skateboard and sped up. I finally made it to school but instead of stopping I rode my skateboard into school. "Your late!" Mrs.hemming's yelled as I walked into the classroom.

"Sorry mother wouldn't get off my back." I huffed and then sat in my seat. She nodded and continued with her lesson. I got out my notepad and started to draw. "Class is dismissed! Summer please stay back." She announced looking at me.

Everyone left and I tried to sneak out with the crowd. "Summer get back here." Mrs.Hemmings sighed. I walked over to her and sat down in the desk. Mrs.Hemmings is the only teacher that talks to me and understands me.

I trust her and she even knows about me living in a orphanage. "What happened this morning?" She kneeled down in front of me. I explained what happened from the beginning to end. She looked at me sadly and had me follow her into her walk in closet where there is a sink.

She got out the first aid kit and cleaned up my wounds I got from when the Barbie scratched me and punched me. I had a good 1 inch cut in my cheek that was deep. It just stopped bleeding cause of the dried blood. "This is going to sting like yesterday okay?" She looked at me sadly.

Yesterday another girl from her group got a hold of me. I nodded and she cleaned the cut. I hissed in pain and bit my lip. "This cut is deep." She sighed patching it up. Once she got done I thanked her and then walked out of the closet.

"So Summer I was wondering if you would possibly want to stay at my house for the rest of the week? I cant stand to see you like this anymore. Also I was wondering if you would like to get a tutor in this class cause your grades aren't doing to well. You can pick when you want to get tutored and the times. The tutor would be my son." She smiled.

"I can stay with you?! I would love to for both." I smiled happily. "Mom?" I heard a deep voice say from the back of the classroom, I turned around to see a very handsome guy.

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