madeline jackson

percy and annabeth have twins but in an argument with the court, madiline was hidden in the time the government gave to turn in the children, her brother max on the other hand was separated from his family.


1. The Hopital

sorry guys first story so, thanks for trying me out.  If you like leave it in the comments and i might make a book under the author of Half-Blood.  if not ill just do it on here i'm going into 5th grade in 7 weeks! 

          "Waaaaaaaaa!  Waaaaaaaaaaaa!"  You could just hear the baby crying.  Then another voice from the same room.  "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!  The voices chorused.  In the hospital of Jacksonville Florida ( where i was born).  "Mrs.Jackson, Mr.Jackson, I am happy to report that you have had twins of opposite genders."  The not-so-enthusiastic doctor reported.  Annabeth smiled.  "So twice the trouble, just another you."  She told Percy.  "Hey i am not as bad as i used to be."  Percy smirked.

         The two babies gurgled in their mother's arms.  "So what about names?" Percy asked. "I sort of like Ally and Max."  "No Percy, more like Madeline and Max."  Annabeth said. 

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