A new start

This story is about a cat that was abandon just left to rot. He was in desperate need of a friend. This is Chester's life.


1. My beging

          Hello, i'm Chester. I'm a white cat with light blue eyes with black on my ears and tail. In one point in my life i was all alone in life. i had no where to go. I didn't know what to do i was terrified. it all started when i was born. my mom wasn't the best cat in the world she made lots of bad decisions.  my mom would leave me quite often all alone in the dark, and i would always say why me when i lie down on my old blanket. when ever my mom was with me she was fighting with my dad he didn't care about me or my mother it's just shes to dumb to realize. then one day when i woke up i heard them fighting again, then all i heard was a terrified meow and my mom was gone she ran off and my dad looked at me and just walked off in a way i have never seen.

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