Cleveland, meet Slayer

Buffy the vampire slayer
You know Giles mentioned that other Hellmouth... Well, it did exist! And even though things might be quiet on the surface, they at most certainly not underneath...


1. Early one Morning


"Give me Sunnydale any day..." Buffy grumbled as she wandered through the graveyard. She wished something interesting would happen, just anything! Demons, vampires, the whole enchilada! Even an apocalypse would be a welcome distraction from the fact everything was falling apart.

Giles had been right about the other hell mouth, it just didn't seem as damn popular as the last one! Not a single vampire in the last hour... That had to be a new record for her.

Nobody had talked much on the journey there, Xander was devastated and so was everyone else. Nobody had gone through the battle without loosing someone, and it had taken a big effect on the gang.

Maybe someone should summon that musical demon again, she thought, what was his name again... Sweet- that was it! At least that brought a bit of a change to everything.

That was when she remembered, the song he sang to her in the crypt... Rest in peace. Funny that- she laughed aloud. "Peace!" She said "like anyone's going to get any of that!".

Buffy was crying now, why did he have to leave... Why did he have to go away. He said he would stay, like that night before the battle- he said it was the best night of his life, and that it made him terrified.

That just goes to show how much a song can do, how much it can represent... A love song, a song to save a life, a song to make people kill.

And that's when she heard it, a familiar humming of that song. The one that made him kill. Except it did no harm now, it was just a greeting, a hello after no goodbye...


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