Hunter's Curse

My name is John Winchester, on November 2 1983, my wife was killed by something... something not natural. Whatever it was has robbed me of the love of my life, and robbed my children of their mother. I don't know how or why, but if I sit here and do nothing I might just go insane. I am going to find whatever did this and I am going to make it pay, no matter what the cost.

Supernatural - Fanfic -John Winchester


1. Prologue


It's been a long day, after putting the boys to sleep Mary retires to our bedroom. I kiss her goodnight and then I head downstairs to the living room. Like I said it's been a long day so within an hour I fall asleep. All seems normal until I find myself awake at the sound of Mary screaming, immediately I jump up from the couch and rush up the stairs. "Mary?" I yell out.

 In the hallway I find Dean at the door of his bedroom rubbing his eyes tiredly with confusion. 

 "Dad? What happened"

I look down at my son "Dean listen to me, I need you to stay here and don't move okay? I'll be right back"

I don't pause to hear him and answer, I simply run towards Sam's nursery. I walk in and immediately look around, I seem alone. I let out a sigh, perhaps I had imagined it, I should stop watching horror movies late at night. I quietly walk up to Sam's crib to see him look at me and smile in recognition. I take a breathe and smile back at him, I allow him to wrap his hand around my finger. "Hey Sammy, You okay?"

 From above me I hear a dripping sound as a splat of something red falls into the crib besides Sam. Confused, I touch the substance and I smell it, is that blood? I look up to find the source and I fall to the floor in shock.

"Mary!" I scream out. On the ceiling is my wife, her nightgown stained with blood her mouth agape. A million questions flood my mind, what happened? Why is she on the ceiling? Is she dead?

Then out of nowhere, the ceiling catches fire and I scream in terror unable to move form the ground and I keep calling her name over and over again in hope that she'll answer and that maybe I'll wake up and this will all have been a dream. Oh please let it be a dream I hope as I remain unable to move. All of a sudden Dean appears at the door, he hasn't spotted Mary on the ceiling and for his sake I hope he doesn't. "Daddy?"

 I stand up and pick up baby Sammy from his crib and I run over to Dean handing him his brother. "Take your brother outside as fast as you can and don't look back! Now, Dean go!" I tell him.

Even though I know it's hopeless I stay behind and call out Mary's name. As the fire spreads I run out of the nursery and make my way outside to where Dean is looking at the nursery window, still holding his brother tightly in his arms. I run towards them "I gotcha" I picked them both up and ran as fire exploded out of Sam's nursery window.

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