Mock The Jay

Mock The Jay

Katniss Everdeen,17, is a newly joined Senior at Panem High. Katniss is a normal teenager who likes Social Networking and hanging out with friends. She gets involved with bullying, being the victim herself. She only has a few friends who completely support her and comfort her. What will happen to her when things start to get confusing, upsetting and maybe romantic? What will happen when Peeta Mellark aka Popular Boy stands up for her unexpectedly?


patritap Copyright © All Rights Reserved.


1. Chapter 1

"Katniss Everdeen" the teacher calls out my name.

Everyone else in the room turns around and looks at me. I know what they're thinking. Who's the new kid?

Luckily, I'm sitting at the very back of the room so I'll know when someone looks at me.

The teacher continues with the class roll. I feel bored, so I take a pen out of my pencil case. I write 'Katniss Was Here 2013' on the table and take a quick snap of it with my phone. I'm just about to post it on Instagram but I realise that someone is standing right behind me.

I quickly turn around and look straight into the teacher's eyes.

She grabs my phone out of my hands and takes it back to her desk at the front.

"What? Aren't phones allowed?" I yell. She can't just take it away from me.

"Have you not read the School Rules?" she stares at me.

She turns around and writes something on the board: Miss Trinket.

Great, I have a nickname for her already. Tinkerbell.

She turns back to face the class. "I hope you all enjoyed the Summer Break. School is back on, so that means that the hard work starts again" she says.

She starts handing out some papers.

I stare at it wide-eyed when I receive a paper. It says 'Partner-Work Assignment'.

I won't have a partner; I don't know anyone.

Luckily it states that the due date is in 7 weeks.

"Don't get too excited!" she walks back to her desk and sits, "I will pick the pairs!" she widens her eyes.

The class all start booing and complaining.

"I will tell you your partner in a few minutes" she addresses.

A blonde boy from the front of the room turns around and smirks at me. He has the most beautiful eyes ever and it is the deepest blue I've ever seen for an eye colour.

He holds a piece of folded paper in his hands and he gives it to the person behind him. He whispers something to the blonde girl and then she hands it down the row and eventually, the person in front of me hands it over.

"For you" the brunette girl places it on my desk.

"What's your name?" I ask.

"Madge" she nods.

"Cool name!" I compliment.

"Yours' is cool too" she turns around.

I can't be bothered to read the note, so I place it in my pocket.

The teacher starts talking again.

"Here are the designated pairs. Clove and Glimmer. Madge and Gale. Marvel and Delly. Felicity and Beatrice. Tobias and Cato" I tune out until I hear my turn, "Peeta and Katniss". What? Who is this Peeta?

All of a sudden, all of the people in the room look over at me and give me glares.

Everyone seems quite shocked except the blonde boy who handed the note. Maybe he is Peeta?

"Katniss, do you know who Peeta is?" the teacher looks at me.

I shake my head and half the class starts laughing. What's so funny?

The blonde boy raises his hand and says, "That's me!" he smiles.

Great! Now I really want to read the note but the bell just happens to ring.

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