When someone asks you if you're okay, sometimes you have to yell


1. Asking

Please forgive me

For what I did say

I did not want to harm you

in any way

My words kept on flowing

And I started to yell

For my life is a not prefect

It is more like a hell

My morning was terrible

As all my mornings are

My mother slapped me

When driving in the car

Once I got into the school

I was tripped by a boy

Who laughed with his friends

My pain he did enjoy

Ever class that I went to

People would stare

Gossip about me

When I was sitting right there

When you came and asked me

How I was

I need to yell

And that is because

My life is what you would call

Quite a mess

I need to scream and yell

To release some stress

I didn't mean to hurt you

Or may you feel bad

It's just no one ever asked my

Why am I sad

So when you asked me

If I was okay

I thought i was being teased

Which happens every day

I didn't think that you

Would actually care

Most people's words

Would just impair

I am sorry

for what I did say

And thank you for asking

If I was okay

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