Waiting [Competition - Poetry]

My third ever poem. Hope it's alright.


1. Waiting

It seems as you wait
That time has slowed
And a second is a week
And a minute is a month
And an hour, as it ticks slowly by
Is an eternity.

Yet it also seems
That time is rushing,
And the seconds are running
And the minutes are flying
And the hours are blurred – they move too quick
For you to see.

It seems as you wait
That you cannot move, 
Your legs are limp
And your back is rigid
And your gaze is fixed on some faraway point
In the distance.

Yet it also seems,
That you cannot be still
Your heart beats too fast
And your breath is aflutter 
And you vision is like ripples on a pond
As you check the clock again.

It seems as you wait
That the ground is moving,
Like a branch in a storm
Or a boat on the sea
Or a rocking chair rocking, you can feel it
Moving beneath you.

Yet it also seems
That the world is too still,
And nothing moves
And no one speaks
And nothing changes, not until
The waiting is over.

And you know at last,
When the waiting is over,
That you feel only relief
Yet only fear,
Yet only hope, and you are glad it is over
And you are not.

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