Just In The Way: Book 1

Cameron Potter is Harry Potter's twin sister. At first, they go through everything together: Uncle Vernon, Muggle school, Dudley, Getting their first Hogwarts letter. But as soon as Hagrid burst into the shack on their birthday, everything begins to change. Harry is getting all the attention while Cameron gets pushed away. As their first year goes on, Cam starts feeling a little more jealous and forgotten when people say "Your just in the way."


1. Prologue



Authors P.O.V

    Alright, you already know that on a certain Haloween night, James Potter died fending off Voldemort from getting to the rest of the family, Lily Potter died trying to protect Harry Potter, And when Voldemort cast the killing curse at Harry, it rebounded and Voldemort vanished. But only a few people knew that Cameron Potter, Harry's twin sister, was hiding in a corner. No, Lily Potter was not trying to protect Harry because she liked him more, she just didn't say Cameron's name because that would reveal that she was there too. 

     When Hagrid picked up Harry and Cameron Potter, he almost forgot about about Cam and when they got to number 4, Privet Drive, he gave Harry her blanket, leaving Cameron shivering.

     To say the least, nobody really cared about Cameron, because they thought that she would just get in th way of famous Harry Potter. Unfortunately for Cameron, she was in for a life full of pain, neglect, jealousy, and tears. Many, many tears. 


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